Tuesday 23 March 2021


I can’t believe we are in March already and half way through the month as well. The year is definitely going way to fast for my liking and with being in lock down ,a lot of us feel like the days are just rolling into one and we are doing nothing with our time.


Self development has always been something I have been passionate about and if you have followed me for a while you will already know this.

A pandemic that has hit us for over a year , I tried to turn into a positive and started trying out new things and improving my skills.

I’ve been self employed for nearly 4 years now and taking photos has always been something I absolutely love but I’ve never done any courses or looked into courses for my camera specifically which I have always said I wanted to do.

 I decided to do a course in photography with my big camera to learn all the tricks and tips when it comes to focusing and it really has paid off.

I also did an online sewing course as I was really interested in dress making years ago but just didn’t have the time for it , and I have absolutely loved making leggings for the children.

Whichever thing interests you, there are an absolute multitude of courses available out there for every single person to better themselves or learn something new.

Carer changes are always great if you feel like you are stuck in a rut with where you work or you are falling out of love with your job. 

Maybe try something new and exciting like Sublimation. Never heard of it ?, it’s actually a technique for transferring designs into materials like glass ceramics and fabric . 

I use to love my mum transferring designs onto my t-shirts when I was younger, was definitely the talk of the play ground :) 

You could get yourself some free sublimation designs to practice with and teach yourself in your spare time , before you know it , you’ve taught yourself a new skill! .

Doing something you love for a living is something I am grateful for and I feel like everyone should love their job.

The green CSCS card certification is a popular one to have under your belt as it opens the door to so many opportunities in the construction industry.

I’d love to know if you’ve been using lockdown to better yourself and do let me know what you’ve been up to :) 


  1. I have worked throughout in the office mainly so hobbies have been restricted to reading and blogging. I have learned so much more about blogging and SEO and I have also opened myself up to so many different genres in reading and found a whole new love for it.

    I do feel like it has been a great way to use my time.

    I bet the photography course was so valuable x

  2. I have heard so many people taking up new courses during the lockdown, this is something I have been considering to do as well

  3. I've been working at a school throughout the pandemic so haven't had any more time than normal - I wish I had!

  4. I havsn't done any online courses recently but I have done before. I much prefer face tok face training and I suspect I may do an evening class in September. Mich x

  5. oh this sounds great. I wouldn't mind doing a photography course and sewing course myself. Something I may have to look into.