Saturday 8 May 2021


If you have been a reader and follower for a while now then you will already know that my girls have the biggest obsession with slime.

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas , even weekend pocket money spending - it is all about slime and the latest one they can get their hands on :)

They were lucky enough to be sent out the new Canal toys craze sensation slime sets to review and they definitely did not disappoint!. 

ASMR and sensory toys have become more popular over the last year and it’s amazing , as these types of toys really do help children with self development.

Whether it’s stress relief or sensory issues, introducing new textures and sounds - the craze sensations will be a hit for most.

Each pot has two sides to it , like a muller corner yogurt!. Inside your pot you have two compounds to mix together to make a beautifully surprise textured ball of joy .

Squish , crunch , stretch and smoosh all your compounds together and get the best satisfaction ever!.All the girls absolutely loved these and we had such a fun afternoon and it was really therapeutic!.

Perfect for independent play and great for promoting fine motor skills as well as strengthening them little hand muscles .

There are 12 different sets to collect and all are scented differently , they smell edible, but definitely don’t try and eat them :)

These sets can be purchased from Smyths Toys  RRP £9.99

-Gifted item in exchange for a review 

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  1. These look like they'd be so satisfying, esp the one with the little balls in it. I bet the girls loved these x