Monday 10 May 2021


If you haven’t seen over on social media last week , it was actually my birthday, I turned the grand age of 35, and honestly, I have never felt better.

Getting ‘older’ use to really bother me and worry me if I’m going to be completely honest . I always felt like it was another year that had gone by in a negative way, but over the last few years I have definitely changed my whole mindset on birthdays.

I feel really blessed and grateful that I get to enjoy another year and growing ‘older’ is actually something that we take for granted and not all of us get to do so.

I might sound a bit deep with that ,but if you’ve been here for a while you will know I get like that sometimes :) , and plus, another birthday means goodies like this cute black off the shoulder co ord  , you know I love my Co ord sets ! :) 

Anyway this year I was really really spoilt!. I ended up getting so many presents including an Apple Watch which I was not expecting at all and I am IN love with it and it definitely helps with my healthy fitness journey I am currently on .

New clothes , it’s a given isn’t it? Birthdays definitely mean more clothes.....I think it’s a girl thing , we can never have enough clothes right? , I mean ,as I write this I am staring at my wardrobe door that I can’t actually close properly as there is to much stuff in it !.

I have recently taken up walking and I absolutely love it , I will charge my air pods and go on a 5 mile walk and it is the best feeling , and clears my head and mental space when it all gets a little foggy sometimes.

I always dress comfy and I’ve added this gorgeous mauve loungewear set to my collection as I live in these for my outdoor adventures , they are so soft and perfect for my morning walks where it’s not to cold but you need a little more to keep you wrapped up and warm .

Now the pubs are open and the restaurants will be opening for inside dining in just over a week I’ve picked up a few pieces for that first night out - I am SO excited  , I bet most of us are!.

I’m not a high heels kinda girl when it comes to going out for dinner a few gins , I like to dress nice but still be able to walk , especially the first night back out !.

I thought these black high waisted leather cuffed joggers with one of the stunning lace bodysuits would look perfect as a combo. I wore I think they go so well together and the outfit looks super pretty.

I think they would go really well with a cute milkmaid top in white or cream. I’m going to wear my van trainers and take a cute little cardigan with me and of course wear a red lip :)

 I also want to pick up a bodycon midi dress but I am unsure of which colour to go for..

Have you made plans for when the restaurants are welcoming indoor dining and drinking? I’d love to see what outfits you’ve got planned.


  1. Wow! Those leather joggers & lace bodysuits look so hawwttt�� I am loving that cute mauve tracksuit too!❤️ My birthday is in July, can't wait to buy new clothes ����

    Thanks for sharing,
    Everything Enchanting

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday. The lace bodysuit and the leather cuffed joggers make a real statement for you to go out in but I bet the joggers are pretty comfy x

  3. It sounds like you had a great birthday, we do have a night out planned next Friday with friends, which was cancelled in December

  4. The leather cuffed joggers are cool and the tracksuit looks comfy. Nice present to have an apple watch too!

  5. Happy birthday to you and hope you had a fab celebration. These are fantastic outfits to treat yourself with especially since you look fabulous in them