Wednesday 12 May 2021


 Raising an environmentally conscious child isn’t difficult when parents lead by example, use hands-on activities and make it exciting.

To help you get started, here are some great tips provided by an Independent Day School in Cambridge

Have outdoor adventures

Outdoor adventures encourage children to explore and engage with nature. They also help to teach children about environmental issues, such as pollution and litter. This awareness will help children to appreciate and respect the world around them, which will hopefully contribute towards a more environmentally conscious generation.

Get them involved in recycling

Every family should be doing their best to recycle as much as possible. Encourage your child to get involved when you are recycling at home. Show them how to wash and sort your household rubbish so that it can be reused instead of going to landfill. Talk about where your waste goes and why recycling is important to our planet.

Encourage them to switch off

Teach your child how they can save energy at home on a dailybasis. Ask them to switch lights off when leaving a room, and to unplug their devices overnight. Encourage them to take part in environmental events such as Earth Hour which occurs every year on the last Saturday in March. Earth Hour encourages households all over the world to switch off their lights and show their support for our planet.

Show them how to save water

Finally, saving water is another easy change you can make at home. Show your child how to turn off the tap while they are brushing their teeth. You could also encourage your child to take quick showers rather than long baths. Also washing your children’s clothes after just one wear is a chore you could change. Teach your child to check if their clothes are truly dirty before they put them in the laundry basket.


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  1. It is so important that our kids are eco aware. We regularly go on litter picks and I always think watching programmes such as Blue Planet really do help children to understand.