Friday 14 May 2021


 Learning languages from an early age will not only prepare your child for studying a foreign language at school, but it will also enhance many other academic abilities. Research also suggests that multilingual children have enhanced critical thinking and creativity skills. In addition, language skills on a CV can improve career opportunities.

If you are looking for some advice on how to help your child learn a new language, here are some great tips from an Independent School in Somerset

Practice language learning daily

Language learning takes a lot of patience. You will need to encourage your child to practice daily in order to reach a fluent level. This can be done at home using books or online resources, or alternatively by signing up to a local language class. For home learning you may wish to consider using translation posters or sticky labels around your house. Thesewill help your child to memorise words and enrich their new vocabulary.

Make the most of online learning

There are many excellent language learning resources available online. Many are free and very easy for children touse. These are an ideal way to encourage learning through fun and interactive games. Help your child to get set up on your computer, or download an app onto your smart phone or tablet. This way they can continue their language learning whilst on the go.

Watch foreign-language videos

Foreign-language videos can be really useful for children’s language learning. Your child will be able to follow along visually, whilst listening to natural conversation and pause or rewind where necessary. This learning technique will help to improve your child’s pronunciation and sentence structure.

Listen to music

Finally, music is such a useful tool for learning new languages. We all know how a catchy song can get stuck in your headwell studies show that listening to music can help your child to memorise a new language! For younger children you could start with simple nursery rhymes or songs with actions. These are a fantastic way to really engage your childin language learning.


  1. I hope Erin learns another language one day. I’m not very good at it.

  2. It's great where parents teach children new languages. It can help encourage them to enjoy learning and obvious teach them a new language too.

  3. Such a valuable skill learning a new language. I wish I paid more attention to my classes at school. Love the idea of learning it through music, such a fun way to learn for little ones.

  4. These are some really great tips! I really want my boys to learn another language as it's so useful

    Laura x