Saturday 22 May 2021


When it comes to self care it has definitely been a learning curve for me, especially once I became a parent.

I think we all as parents feel the need to put our children first in all aspects , where in fact , if we’re pouring from an empty cup were not any use to anybody are we?.

Since the pandemic hit I have been slowly making time for myself and self care is extremely important to me now and it should be for all of us.

A weekend pamper evening has got to be one of my favourite forms of self care , we all know self care isn’t just a pamper , it’s more than that and can be as little as enjoying 5 minutes peace with your coffee in the morning , or going for a long walk , alone , no kids in sight :)

I always start my evenings with a cup of tea , it’s a given isn’t it :) . I tend to have herbal tea in the evening so it’ll either be a chamomile tea or the Yorkshire bedtime tea which is lavender and chamomile and really delicious.

For me , a pamper evening on the weekend is definitely something I look forward to and I feel so rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead after one .

I take all my supplements of an evening which includes Marine collagen by CORREXIKO.I’ve been taking collagen for over a month now and I can say, hand on heart , it has made a massive difference. My hair is a lot silkier and my nails are so strong , if you don’t take collagen then try it , you’d be surprised.

They also do an unflavoured collagen powder which makes a mean frothy coffee in the mornings too! 

Pamper evening always include a lush bath , you all know I am absolutely obsessed with lush and have the biggest stash from the Boxing Day sales . They are the nicest bath bombs. 

I normally watch some Netflix or read a few chapters of my book in the bath. Reading is something I have always loved but since lockdown I have struggled to focus on reading , so a few chapters in the bath without the worries of the world relaxes my mind and clears my head. 

I am currently reading good vibes good life and it is so inspiring and seriously motivational!.

Lavender is always a go to when it comes to evenings , it’s so calming and relaxing . GrĂ¼um have a wide range of gorgeous products including their lavender and chamomile bath salts, and sleep pillow mist!.

Their clay mask is one of my favourites too and it lasts for ages and leaves my face feeling amazing.

My self care baths are at least an hour long , does anyone else LOVE a soak on the weekends?.

I get into my favourite pyjamas and take my CBD oil from Just Remedy which tastes so yummy of oranges!. Pop it under your tongue and leave for a few seconds then swallow . The benefits to cbd are endless including a good night sleep , and definitely help me to switch off and relax .  .

I’ll pop on some music whilst I do my nails. Loving the dead pool soundtrack at the minute , always have it on low with my salt lamp and my bedroom is so cosy like this .

I love the elegant touch range and their nails are so gorgeous, there are so many different designs to choose from. I’m saving the lavender ones for next week’s date night :)


I pop my hair in plaits , and settle for the evening and that is my self care pamper evening.

Let me know if you do any form of self care and if so how often ...


  1. Sounds like a lovely self care session. I do a face mask a couple of times a week, but we don't currently have a bath, but once we do I'm going to be having a week bathing pamper like yours x

  2. I have a face mask a few times a week which is always a good pamper, but we don't currently have a bath. When we do (hopefully soon) I'll be having a weekly pamper just like yours x

  3. There is nothing quite like a good pamper evening is there? Lush do such a great range of things to help you relax and unwind as well.