Wednesday 26 May 2021


 Drama classes may not been seen as ‘important’ when compared to other school subjects, like Maths or English, however drama is incredibly beneficial to a child’s development. This is because it supports both academic and personal skills. For example, drama classes can help to build confidence and improve literacy skills.

I have teamed up with a theatre school in North London to explore the many benefits that drama classes offer…

Builds confidence

Speaking confidently can be difficult for some children, especially if they are shy. However, this is a skill that can be practiced in drama classes. Drama also gives children the opportunity to perform in front of others; which is a really great way to build self-confidence. This experience will also help your child to give presentations and speeches in the future, at school or at work.

Improves literacy skills

In drama classes children often read a script when acting. Not only will this help to improve their reading skills, but it will also introduce them to different ways of using language, and improve their vocabulary. Script reading and writing exercises will also encourage creative writing and enhance spelling and punctuation.

Encourages teamwork 

Drama classes are a great way to promote teamwork, which is important for children because it helps them to form friendships and work together. Furthermore, through performing arts children will experience different opinions and perspectives. This will teach them how to respect andsupport other people’s ideas,

Keeps children active

Drama classes help to keep children physically active. Professional performers need to keep fit and healthy so that they can perform at their best. They also need to be able to move quickly, stand for long periods of time and maintaintheir energy levels during a performanceThrough drama classes children will not only benefit from more exercise, but they will also improve their flexibility, coordination and balance.


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  1. My 13 year old loves drama and has chosen it for GCSE - she has really come out of her shell since starting the lessons.