Wednesday 9 June 2021


Summer is definitely in the air and I am feeling all the vibes right now . We have had a such lovely week full of sunshine , happiness and smiles haven’t we :)

This year ,Summer is going to be so different now lockdown has slowly eased. It’s going to be full of so much more than last year  - BBQ fun , sunbathing  , picnics and lots of dating. 

I know a lot of my friends are still a little cautious venturing out on the dating scene face to face , I think we are all still a little unsure when it comes to mingling aren’t we ?.

They have enjoyed online dating so much during the lockdown that they much prefer it now and give them a sense of ease and no pressure or expectations need to be met.

Whether you are Tayside dating or dating somewhere else , there are so many different quirky fun date ideas you can have online, it doesn’t have to be boring and just typing away at a keyboard or your phone.

I’ve asked a few of my friends to tell me about their favourite ones and hopefully give you some inspiration this summer!

“Coolest online date I had was a spa day, we had the full works. Made a homemade face mask with honey and blended oats , cucumbers on the eyes . Water fall music in the background . Was absolutely hilarious thinking about it now , but honestly, we were so into it and I definitely slept that night ,I was so relaxed! ha!” Steph

“You know how much I love my fitness , and I started speaking to this guy who loved it as much as I did, so we ended up having a date night doing a full workout one evening . Was so bizarre but we smashed our goals that night and it was pretty cool. We are still speaking now , so must of been a good one :)” Melanie

“Games nights have been my go to for online dating during lockdown . I love a board game , and playing over zoom is SO cool!. Nibbles and a glass of wine , it’s so much fun . One tip though , don’t choose monopoly, it takes forever with just the two of you !!!” Hannah

Mezz and I first started dating online and we use to webcam quite a lot and watch movies together . We would count down from 5 and then both press play at the same time so the film would start at the exact same time .

Is that really weird? Or soppy? I’ll let you decide :) , but we really enjoyed it and looked forward to our Friday movie nights.  

I really hope them ideas give you a little bit of inspiration and something a little different for your Tayside dating  summer love this year .

If you’ve got any quirky fun ones too then definitely let me know , I’d love to hear them. 


  1. Some lovely ideas here! We had a few games nights and a few quiz nights over lockdown and it was lovely!

  2. I have to admit I wouldn’t have even thought about ways you could do virtual dates people are so creative.

  3. I have to admit I wouldn’t have even thought about ways you could do virtual dates people are so creative.

  4. I have to admit I wouldn’t have a clue where to start when it comes to virtual dating ideas people are so creative!

  5. When it comes to being around people, after so long not seeing anyone, it's really going to be a challenge! These digital ideas are so nice though!