Friday 11 June 2021


The past year and a half has definitely been a challenge hasn’t it?.When it first all started, I never thought it would of lasted this long , and I don’t think a lot of us did to be honest.

The things we normally take for granted , we wanted back so badly - cinema trips , picnics on the beach , park trips , even a walk round the block had to be 5 minutes and was classed as our daily exercise.

Don’t get me started on dating , how do you date in a pandemic ?, in a lockdown? , where do you start? , can it be fun?.

Online dating is definitely fun and has been around for a LONG time, it was just chat rooms and emails back then , now it’s a whole different ball game.

You might have been speaking to someone on the Oxfordshire dating scene and then think to yourself , what now ?. I’ve got a few date tips to get your online dating flowing and some really great ideas too.


Scott and I use to play this online years ago , and it’s a great way to get to know each other and also a great ice breaker.

Shots are involved and a timer . So you both write down 21 questions that you want to ask the other one . You each take it in turns to ask and you have 60 seconds to answer the question or you have to take a shot.

These questions usually start with favourite colour and film and get way more daring after a few shots!. Great Friday night date .


The sun is glorious at the minute , and getting out in the fresh air is so good for the soul. Take your date with you , on your phone of course :) 

Something so simple, but dates don’t have to be so extravagant and expensive. Make yourself an iced coffee and get them steps in too !.

One of you might live close to a beach so you can take the other one virtually along with you and let them hear the waves and the ocean.


Traditional date night with movie and a takeaway. You both order in a takeaway and watch the same film - it’s really not that hard and it’s so much fun , and if it’s a  comedy, you’ll both be cackling away , especially if wine is involved :) 

You might be interested in someone you’ve met on a Oxfordshire dating site that’s into museums and art . They have so many virtual museum and art tours that have started since the pandemic , I think that would be such an amazing thing to do .

These are just a few tips for when it comes to online dates , they really don’t have to be something you over think and  stress over. 

They are meant to be something to look forward to and make some cool memories along the way :) 


  1. Some lovely ideas for virtual dates. 21 questions will always be a laugh and helps you get to know a person better.

  2. Virtual dates are so interesting! I tend to always do questions as a ice breaker, so 21 questions sounds really neat.