Sunday 13 June 2021


It’s just over a week until Father’s Day and I bet half of you aren’t prepared yet … or is is just me that always leaves things until the last minute :)

I’ve got a round up of some fab gifts for this Father’s Day that will be a hit for all the father figures out there .

First up is Chocolate, you really can’t go wrong with a big bunch of chocolate, especially if you want them to share it  :)

Green & Blacks have a massive collection of gorgeous chocolate and they have brought out some lovely gift sets for Father’s Day that definitely won’t disappoint .

If you want to get the children involved this Father’s Day then why not pick something from Cadbury Gifts Direct. This cottage kit looks epic, and I know Scott and the girls are going to have so much fun making this on Sunday :)

Bird & Blend Tea have been a favourite of ours over the last month. They do delicious flavoured tea , including ice tea for all that lovely weather we have been having,  and the most yummiest chocolate, they go together so well , you’ve definitely got to try them. A flavour for absolutely everybody!.

I always find a new wallet makes the perfect gift , don’t you agree?, Trendhim have some gorgeous leather wallets ranging at just £35!.

They also do a lot of men’s toiletries and beauty products including this beard wash , which actually smells divine! I can’t wait for Scott to start using it.

Men love grooming products just as much as us women do :) and the Ben Cohen range have so many grooming tools which would make a lovely little gift set , pop some face mask in their as well and it’s the perfect hamper treat for Father’s Day.

Speaking of face masks , Mad Beauty have some really cool ones out their for the men in your life , including these marvel ones and the super cute looney toons ones , which both sets are under £15, absolute bargain.

Anyone else have a football obsessed person in their house? Yes? You? , well Hampers 4 Everyone have a match day  box full of everything your mad footballer lover will need for a chill out on the sofa watching the game.

Beer , snacks , voucher for deliveroo and also some other really cool gifts inside - check them out , I don’t want to spoil the surprise ! 

Maybe your not sure what to get and are indecisive- a gift card is a perfect way of getting something without having to wrack your brain :)

VEX gift card is the perfect solution for you. Voucher express have so many shops to  choose from - primark , TKMAXX and Argos just to name a few .

You can also get vouchers for getaways - let’s hope they take you with them! :)

Cheese… say no more !. Crackers and cheese is definitely a win win isn’t it , especially with a nice ice cold beer. The Hampshire cheese company have a lovely selection of cheese for this Father’s Day snacks plate.

I hope this round up has given you some inspiration and you pick out the nests gifts for this coming Sunday..


  1. Some fantastic prizes here, my husband would love the G&B Chocolate box as well as the Cheese and crackers for Father's Day

  2. These are all great ideas for gifts. My husband would love anything chocolatey as he is a hardcore chocoholic. It's never safe to have it in the house unless we hide it lol.

  3. What??? I didn't realize that there were face masks for men. I love that gift idea!

  4. You can't beat some cheese and some chocolate, I'm doing a foodie hamper for my dad so the cheese would be a great addition x

  5. Oooo, I like the look of the variety of these gifts for fathers day. Plus how cool are those masks - they are definitely the stand out gifts! x

  6. The DC face masks are perfect - such a good idea for those looking to take better care of their skin, but not so default like soaps.

  7. I love looking through gift guides for inspiration as I really struggle when it comes to buying for my dad