Thursday 17 June 2021


Summer is finally making an appearance over the last few weeks and we have been having some glorious days. I have spent most of today in the garden sunbathing and it has been so bliss!.

When it comes to summer clothes , I have definitely been trying out some new pieces this year, not the usual tshirt and shorts anymore.

I have been on a journey with my body since lockdown and the pandemic started and now I wear what I want because I want to , not for anybody else , I wear what makes me feel good and that’s what we all need to do, you know how much I preach self love over here :)

I have been LOVING crop tops at the minute ,especially the Milkmaid top style . It is definitely one of my favourites and they are super cute too.

Crop tops  are just so comfy and cute on and you can literally put them with absolutely anything!.

Dress them up or done , I’ve even worn  my baggy crop tshirts to bed when it’s been to hot for pyjamas,so they are definitely an all rounder :)

I am planning on going out with the girls this coming weekend and I have found the perfect combo with this gorgeous black crop top. It is super flattering at the back too which the wrap around waist and I am in love  with it.

I have paired it with this black pleated midi skirt that I have had for ages and never get out , but it actually fits now! , and of course heels, not to high of a heel, your girl can’t walk in the big ones , ha! . 

I picked up some brown low heeled sandals for going out in now the weather has turned nice and they fit like a glove , love when a new pair of shoes actually fit perfectly and don’t rub! :)

You could definitely dress this top with some ripped jeans for any summer festivals you are off to this year , it would make the perfect festival outfit , or making your off camping for the weekend , would make the best sunbathing top.

I You all know how much I love my grey loungewear sets and my  Co-ord sets, so to find a crop top co ord set was the find of dreams , in my favourite colour too!.

This set is so comfy and great for them evening walks when it gets a little cooler and you need to pop on  some bottoms. I always pop on some joggers when it gets cooler and these ones are so soft!.

 I am really loving our evening walks at the minute . We make an iced coffee with the Nespresso machine and Starbucks caramel syrup, yum!, and take a long walk in the fields at the back of my house . We always catch the sun setting and it’s so pretty , been such a lovely treat, these are definitely the moments I cherish, the simple ones :) 

I’d love to know what you’ve got in your wardrobe this summer and do let me know what your summer must have pieces are :) 

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  1. I would love to be able to wear a crop top but sadly those days are long gone for me LOL - I love my kaftan style tops