Sunday 27 June 2021


I’ve wrote about my love for self help books and books that motivate you and change your mindset, for the longest time.They are my all time favourite reads and have changed my life.


Unstoppable is a powerful book by Author Bridie Walker. She has come across some challenging times in her life : becoming pregnant at 14, having to lap dance at 21 to provide for her small children.

She has faced divorces, suffered a stroke, built up a business to then lose it and become bankrupt. That would be enough for someone to give up , but Birdie didn’t.

She turned her pain into power and wrote this incredible book on how to create an unstoppable mindset, how to build unstoppable confidence and achieve unstoppable success.

Lockdown definitely got me thinking about my own life and what I wasn’t happy with. It gave me time to really sit down and reflect on where I was and where I wanted to be.

Sometimes all you need is that boost and voice to say you’ve got this and you can do this and these voices can also be in the form of books , especially if you are an absolute book worm like me :)

We all deserve the lives that we want and have dreamed of . Sometimes we feel like the harder we try the faster we fall or that we are barely existing rather than living and enjoying life .

With reflection tasks and so much more , this book will be your daily guide and diary of support. Take it with you on your bus journey to work , or take it upstairs to bed with a nice hot camomile tea and soak in all her knowledge.

Just like Bridie you too can transform your life . She is now a serial entrepreneur and has built 3 successful businesses in 13 years. She is also a trained counsellor, CBT Therapist, Hypnotherapist and a certified life coach and thrives off helping women rebuild, restructure and redesign their lives.

Unstoppable Retails at £11.99 and can be purchased online now :) 


  1. This sounds like a really interesting and inspirational read. The author sounds like she has really turned her life around.

  2. It sounds like Bridie has been through quite a bit in her life. It's great to see she has made it through and had the determination to create new businesses.

  3. This sounds like a great book to read if you need some motivation. The author has been through so much, it must have been quite the journey to find the power in herself to become such a strong woman.

  4. I think it's so powerful when people can turn their pain and previous suffering into a way to help themselves and others around them like by writing a book, powerful x

  5. Sounds like a really inspiring person. I think the last few months have made us all sit and take stock of our lives.

  6. This sounds like an interesting book to read, I am always looking for book recommendations.

  7. This book sounds absolutely amazing. After what has been a tough year for everyone this is exactly what people need. A great book

  8. I enjoying reading self help books. Some are just really inspiring. This one sounds like a great read.

  9. Oh wow! I'm glad she was able to triumph over her circumstances.