Friday 25 June 2021


Nila started nursery last September and although she is absolutely thriving , the pandemic has meant she has spent half the nursery year at home.

I definitely felt like some more learning aids at home along side going back to school would benefit her and  Learning Resources is always the place I go to.

 We have been reviewing the super sorting pie over the last few months and I have got to say, it’s made such a difference with Nila.

The sorting pie promotes a lot of skill developments including:

  • Problem solving 
  • Matching
  • Hand eye co ordination
  • Early maths skills
  • Imaginative play
  • Colour identification 
  • Vocabulary building
And many more . 

A few things I have noticed come on leaps and bounds is Nila’s pencil grip. It was something the teachers said she was struggling with and we tried a few things to help her build her fine motor skills and the pencil grip has been improving since we started using this game .

The super sorting pie game has definitely reinforced  her fine motor skills and helped her to remember to use the pencil grip when she is doing her writing now , rather than going back and using all her fingers , which she now tells me to watch her when she is writing as she is a big girl now and can do it  , which is so cute :) 

The pie is really easy to use and teaches so much. You place the sorting cards into the bottom of the pie which are your visual cues , then let your little one complete the cards as best as the can .

Whether you are learning colours or numbers , adding or subtracting- the pie offers so much when it comes to learning.

Once you are finished, pop on your pie lid , which doubles up as storage for the game and put it away for the next time  :)

This game retails at £24.99 and is aimed at children aged 3+

-Gifted Item 


  1. This sounds like a great way to promote so much different learning in one little game/ toy. That's so good that you've seen an improvement for Nila x

  2. This would be great for ESL teachers, especially of younger ones. The vocabulary and learning in this is great! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I'm glad Nila has improved, the pandemic has been so hard on many! But it's amazing when parents take the initiative to give more support to their children where needed! x