Tuesday 29 June 2021


When it comes to being a woman, the different stages of life definitely need a book or two, am I right?.

Puberty, pregnancy … the list goes on and on, and then there’s the menopause that we all absolutely dread and really don’t know what to expect , and that is where books come in .

If you are a bit of a book worm like me then you’ll be pleased to know I have been reviewing The Wisdoms Of A Menopausal Godmother by Author Emma Guy.

No fairytale , Straight to the point , this book is all about embracing the new you and let’s you know that you are not alone in this journey.

The menopause is one of life’s changing circumstances and a bit of positivity and support from women and friends who have been through it will help massively. 

This book definitely reads like a little friend on your journey and there is more to them bad days besides HRT patches! :)

Emma gives her readers a different perspective on the menopause as she has treated over 1,000 ladies going through it in her Acupuncture Clinics. Her journey will strike a chord with any woman going through the menopause naturally or like Emma, surgically after breast cancer, which I didn’t actually know could happen , so this book has definitely been an eye opener .

From the dreaded got sweats to getting the munchies , this book lets you in all the highs and lows with Emma’s infectious humour.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon RRP £10.99


  1. This sounds like a book that will really help people who are going through this phase of their life - interesting to hear that acupuncture can help!

  2. I need to have a read of this. I'm not at that stage of my life yet but it's good to be prepared I think.

  3. I am going through the menopause I could do with reading this book, I am fed up of the hot flushes now though

  4. This sounds like a really interesting read and I love that the author has added a little humour into the topic

  5. This sounds great and I'm so pleased this is a subject that's being talked about openly more and more.