Tuesday 20 July 2021


The summer holidays are in full swing here and the weather is glorious at the minute isn’t it !.Coming up with a million amazing things to do over the summer holidays is always a thing us parents struggle with and feel guilty at.

Fancy days out , expensive gadgets to keep them entertained , but the simply things sometimes turn out to be one of the best.

Nila absolutely loves magazines and gets them every so often as a treat after a hard week at nursery :)

She has been loving the new Fun to learn hey duggee magazine  over the last few days and it has really kept her occupied and engaged for hours!.

It is packed with so much to do and learn and really educational. I love that it’s teaching her things along the way, which is really going to benefit her once she starts big girls school in September.

Every issue includes pages of stickers, stories , puzzles, cut out activities and crafts. Nila loves crafts and cutting so we’ve been in the garden most of the morning cutting out all the different shapes she could find in the magazine :)

They also come with a free gift , which the kids all love don’t they?. This one comes with a treasure kit which she loves playing pirates with , and is actually a little obsession of hers.

Anyone else’s little one obsessed with swashbuckle?.

She also got to collect her badge and get her own certificate which was such a lovely touch.

Nila is at the age where praise and rewards are very much an important aspect of her learning . This magazine definitely encouraged that with the special stickers and the ticks at the end of every page you completed.

There is a lot in these magazines to keep the little ones entertained with in over the summer holidays , and it might even mean mum and dad get to enjoy a coffee or tea in peace! :)

The fun to learn magazine is available from leading supermarkets and newsagents from the 21st July 2021. You can also preorder it online or subscription too.


  1. I was looking at this in Tesco yesterday, as it has been so long since I looked at comics for the younger ones

  2. The free toys with these sorts of magazines can be a great extra. Most times that's what makes my child want the magazine rather than the magazine itself although this one sounds great.

  3. This looks like such a fun magazine - I could definitely see Olivia loving this mag! Looks like there is plenty to see and do.

  4. This brings back memories of both my sons loving getting a magazine every week from our local newsagents.

  5. Oh wow! That looks so fun and interactive. And colorful too. So perfect for the little ones!