It is safe to say that selfie’s have become a little bit of an obsession haven’t they?. We all love a good selfie and damn right so.

I definitely feel like we need to bring the negative vibes away from loving a good selfie and more so promote self love and loving taking pictures!.

Selfies make us feel good and capture happy times. I am all for promoting happiness and well-being and capturing the perfect selfie :)

The Selfie bag from Cotton bag co is the perfect start up kit  to help you achieve it.

The bag itself is absolutely gorgeous, I love me a good bag and this one is custom made and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Inside it includes …

• Bluetooth tripod selfie stick 

• Pop up reflector 

• LED ring light 

• Selfie tip handbook :)

I love that the bag has super handy pockets including a slot to pop your tripod selfie stick in and plenty of room for more !.

If you are like me and take everything out with you , including the kitchen sink, then this bag is definitely big enough for you :)

The selfie bag retails at £27.95 and you can pick yourself one up online :)

-Gifted item in exchange for a review 


  1. This sounds like such a cool bag! With everyone liking taking selfies, I can see this being extremely popular.

  2. I have this bag and I love it so much, especially the design on it!

  3. This looks a good kit. I have to admit that I don't have any of the ring lights, relfectors or such. Just my phone! I'm so old school. Mich x


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