Saturday 3 July 2021


Anyone else absolutely loving this sunshine we have been having!. I think , well I am hoping and also keeping my fingers and toes crossed, that summer is finally here to stay this time.

The rain over the past two weeks has been absolutely awful and we have all been speculating whether or not that was summer done and dusted , but I have high hopes it is only just beginning!.

Plus, I’ve wrote all about our big summer bucket list for the summer holidays so it better not let me down now. We’ve got picnics in the park , beach days and a road trip to nannies to tick off and we’re really excited for it all.

Another what I wore this week post and it’s been a very summery one at that, which has been so good!. I am over the leggings and rain coat !.

Monday was an absolutely glorious day and we spent the afternoon in the garden . These high waisted ripped jeans shorts are literally the comfiest pair of shorts I own.

I’ve paired them with this crop top but I think they would go really well with a Milkmaid top as they are really flattering and definitely show off the waist :)

I managed to get most of the hedges done , thank god , as our garden was definitely starting to look like an actual jungle, anyone else not a great fan of gardening?, I don’t think it would be that bad if we kept on top of it but we don’t and next thing you know we are fighting our way through it like a scene from jumangi!.

Tuesday was a gym day so I was in full gym gear and spent a few hours at the gym. Loving the gym at the minute , so good for burning off calories as well as any stress and it’s doing my mental health the world of good, and having some me time is definitely paying off .

Wednesday was Nila’s birthday and we went out for a birthday meal , went swimming and also went to the park. It was such a busy day and I wanted something easy and oversized for after swimming.

Anyone else find it impossible to get dressed after swimming? It must be the hot damp air as I literally have to fight my way back into my clothes :) I went with this really cute red tie dye guns and roses t-shirt dress.

I am a little obsessed with it and have worn it to death since I got it . It remind me of the old school Festival outfits  you would wear back in the day, an over sized dress and no doubt wellies as it would rain half way through the weekend :)

Thursday was another gym day but we were going for iced coffee afterwards and a nice walk home as the weather was absolutely glorious. So I popped this beautifully floral summer midi dress in my bag to change in afterwards.

It’s actually one of my favourite Bodycon midi dresses, super light material for a hot day and really stretchy too. I love the tummy control on these dresses as it hides that little mum pouch :)

Friday night , date night and I have got to say I am in love with this royal blue Bodycon midi dress. This one is a halter neck one which I’m not normally a fan of , but I’ve seen a hack on tik tok where you can hide your bra straps for dresses that call for no bra , and I’m sorry but I can’t do no bra :)


This dress fit perfectly with the hack , got to love a bit of tik tok for self help ! 

We went for pizza and finally watched quiet place 2 , which was so could , they’ve definitely left it open for a third film …. So exciting!!! I’m hoping to get to the cinema next weekend to watch the new freaky Friday. It looks brilliant and I love a cinema date night . 

How’s your week been? Have you been upto anything fun? I hope you’ve had a good one!


  1. I'm loving all your outfit choices. The floral summer midi dress is so cute. I'd love that!

  2. I love the items you have chosen, they do have a great range on their site, I love the floral dress great for dressing up or down

  3. The guns ad roses top is so cool, and I know what you mean about getting dressed after swimming x

  4. I am just loving that Guns and Roses tie dye top!! It is so cool! Where did you get it from?

  5. You look fab in everything. The floral dress and denim shorts look lovely xx

  6. Love that Guns and Roses dress, it's so colourful and perfect for lazy summer days.

  7. I love your wednesday look - so colorful and cute. Feels like a warm summer day.

  8. I absolutely love the tie dye Guns'n'Roses Tee. It's so colourful and looks great on