Friday 2 July 2021


 School uniforms may look unappealing to your children at first, but they are used for a number of reasons that both benefit the school and the parents. Schools have different uniform policies across the board, but the vast majority of schools have them in place for a range of benefits. Read these top advantages to uniforms from this boarding school in Dublin to find out more about their popularity in schools.

Less fuss in the mornings

You and your child know what they need to wear and they can throw their uniform on without too much stress in the mornings. No need to look through drawers to find something suitable if the clothes they need to wear are already decided for them.

Reduced risk for discrimination

Wearing your own clothes can mean that sometimes children can be picked on for what they wear. Wearing a uniform removes the risk of any judgement from other students in the school. This in turn also allows a lot of children to feel a part of the school instead of worrying about what their image looks like in front of others.

Promotes safety

In the event of a fire or another emergency where the school has to be evacuated (even if it’s a practice drill exercise) teachers can easily identify where all students are by their uniform. Children can also be easily identified in crowds and large spaces thanks to this.With the safety of children in schools being paramount, along with the correct UK compliant signage, health and safety policies, and risk assessments in place, an easily identifiable school uniform is just one more aspect that can help promote safety.

Encourages professionalism

A lot of jobs in the future require you to be smartly dressed, so a uniform allows them to start early and get used to wearing fancier clothes. They’ll be able to learn how to wear a tie or know which shoes should be properly worn at interviews for instance. They also learn about how to switch off after school; they associate their uniform with hard work and study, whereas when they head home they’re able to switch off for a short while and improve a child’s focus in the classroom.


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