Saturday 10 July 2021


 The summer holidays are only a week away and I don’t know about you, but I think this year is just flying by!.I always give myself a few weeks to plan out work , summer activities and our essentials but I am definitely leaving it until the last minute this year!.

Are you summer ready?, I thought I would share with you some of our summer essentials this year and hopefully get you on the right track to get your summer prepared! :)

Puddings after a big BBQ in the summer holidays is always needed and our go to are cheesecakes. We love them as a family and one is the perfect size for our family of five.

Tesco have such a wide range ,including the delicious Toblerone cheesecake and the Daim cheesecake. Our favourite is definitely the Daim, I’ve loved them for years :)

If you have followed me for a while then you will know I am all about keeping hydrated. I drink so much water and it has so many benefits , especially for your skin and in the summer it’s even more important to keep your body hydrated.

So being a witch and practicing setting my intentions and manifesting all that good stuff everyday , a water bottle that encourages staying hydrated whilst also being infused by gorgeous intention crystals has my name all over it .

Bewater are an amazing brand that not only encourages you to keep on top of your water but they are also helping you set them intentions and keeping them positive vibes along the way! :) 

Speaking of summer BBQS, we all love a nice refreshing drink. Scott and I absolutely love the cranes cider and have done for years. They are so tasty and come in a few different flavours - ours is the cranberry and lime.

This set would be a great one to bring to any BBQ you are heading to this summer .

If you are more of a spirit drinker then nuisance do some delicious mixers. The wild bramble and rosemary  one is to die for and perfect over gin and ice . 

Hayfever for us as a family is the absolute baine when it comes to summer. We all suffer with it and it can become impossible sometimes to enjoy a day out.

Hay-band is a natural , fast acting band that reduces hayfever symptoms by applying pressure to the acupressure points on the arm.

We actually used this last year and found it to be really effective , so definitely get yourself one if you are suffering this summer.

Another thing that comes with hayfever is itchy eyes.Mine get so bad and I end up rubbing them so much they get so sore and dry.

Hydrosil has been fab for keeping the skin around my eyes hydrated. The cooling eye gel is vegan friendly , 98% natural and a great size for popping in your bag for days out too :)

The girls are always losing their sunglasses , even through I try and keep them all together and stored away year.

We have got the girls some suneez this year which are the worlds number one glasses for cool kids! :). Flexible frames which are practically unbreakable!.

What I love the most is they are 100% UVA/UVB protection up to UV400 which is a form of ultraviolet radiation which can be very harmful to the eyes.

Being a fake blond, the sun can really do some damage to my hair , which can be such a pain! . 

Urtekram chamomile shampoo is a special cleanser, developed for blonde hair , packed with a blend of chamomile flower ,Aloe Vera and glycerin to add shine and moisture ,and it leaves your hair feeling amazing!.

They also do a gorgeous soft wild rose colour preserve conditioner .It smells absolutely gorgeous, and nourishes and protects your hair colour with the blue sea kale and beet root extract.

We’ve got our summer essentials covered and hopefully you have too with a little help from me . Have a lovely one!.



  1. We have tried the Toblerone cheese cake and my kids liked it. I haven't seen the diam one.I need to look out for it.

  2. My eyes get really bad with hayfever too. The gel sounds like a good thing to have in your bag.

  3. My son suffers with hayfever badly and my twins are allergic to many things, so that gel looks super handy to have in my bag. Cheesecake is my husbands favourite thing in the world!!!

  4. Now those cheesecakes look amazing, I will have to give them a try. I love the look of the Suneez too

  5. Oh my goodness the cheesecakes are right up my street, they look yummy. Some really good items here to get ready for the summer x