Friday 9 July 2021


How you display your work is an artistic expression as well. Standoffs are used for holding signs, but they can also hold glass, panels, photographs, and artwork at a distance from the wall. These are made of aluminium or stainless steel to keep on the wall securely. Here are some ways you can use standoffs. 


Setting Up a Standoff

Precision is key for making sure the standoffs are set up correctly. You want to measure the sign and mark the wall where you'll put the wall screws. Make sure that everything is leveled properly to keep the frame straight.    


Then you'll drill pilot holes using a drill bit. Take the standoff and unscrew the cap from the barrel. Get ready to screw the wall screw through the bottom of the barrel and create a path for 4 standoffs. 


Now you can line up your artwork or photograph so the holes in these works are right over the barrels.

Make sure you screw the caps through your pieces tightly to help keep them in place. 


Choosing a Standoff For Your Art

There are different types of standoffs to help you put things up on the wall. For your artwork, a through-grip standoff would work best. To best utilize the grip, the piece of art needs a small hole so the cap of the standoff can screw into the barrel. 


Edge-grip standoffs also can be used to put up your work. These require no holes and might be a bit more convenient for you. When you're placing your work on a gallery wall or having it at home, you want it to stand out. These have certain edges that can make your artwork look more dynamic. 


What Does a Standoff Do For Your Art?

Some pieces of art just don't look right with a still frame motif. Standoffs add that 3D effect to make the piece feel alive. When you have an abstract piece or something that has a certain realism to it, you want it mounted in a way that adds to the expression.


People use standoffs to help not only to secure it to the wall but make the work have even more personality and movement. Whether you have this at home or on exhibition at a gallery, you'll give the frame more character. 


Standoffs can provide your art with the backbone it needs to give the room more personality.  


  1. Great tips on how to use Standoffs, I do know about these strangely enough and they are great around the home

  2. If I am honest I had never heard of a standoff before until I read this post. Really interesting post though.

  3. Oh wow, that's pretty cool - I didn't know about standoffs before.