Thursday 8 July 2021


 Confident and capable children are not born unfortunately, but they can be raised to learn about self-esteem, strength, responsibilities and above all: being independent enough to make their own decisions.


In this guide from a private school in Surrey, we take a look at the ways you can let your child grow into their own independent self with no hassle.

Follow a routine

Let your child be guided by the routine you have for them. Over time they’ll be able to handle the majority of these tasks by themselves, like brushing their teeth, putting on their school uniform and packing their bags with the right studying material for the day. Not only does this train them for getting prepped in the mornings for school, but more often than not it’ll be the same routine they’ll do each morning when they’re adults.

Show them that not everyone is perfect

Perfection can often mean that children might refuse to do something. If you show them that it’s okay to make a mistake and that no one’s perfect then they’ll be able to learn from mistakes as they happen without clear direction from their parents. Of course, this will depend on each situation, but giving them the foundations will show them how important it is to remain true to yourself.

Allow compromises

Sometimes half the battle is letting your child figure out for themselves how to approach a situation and how they would go about it the next time. It’s a way of letting them know how problems can occur and how to change your processes in the future. 


A lot of independence is grown by the mistakes made along the way, so allow some compromises for your child in certain instances. Examples could be letting them stay out longer with friends if they clean the entire kitchen the following day, or helping them a little bit with their chores to inject some fun into their day.



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