Wednesday 7 July 2021


 When it comes to having children , they bring so much joy to our lives don’t they?, the milestones , the cheeky smiles , and then they start school and sooner or later bring home the dreaded nits!.

I have three children , all girls with very long hair and they have all come home from school at some point with headlice , it’s a given , and honestly the biggest baine of my life.

There are quite a few things you can do if your little ones come home with headlice , and Vamousse is one of them.

They have two different products which I think work really well hand in hand , their headlice shampoo protection which helps break the cycle of infestation and can be used just like a regular shampoo .

Then there’s the headlice treatment mousse which is proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs in just 15 minutes.

With the summer holidays coming up, it’s a great chance to get rid of them pesky nits, and I’ve got a set of these to giveaway to one of my readers, just enter below and follow the requirements.

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  1. Oh I like that there's a two step treatment, headlice is really a nightmare. The days when I used to hear them going around school x

  2. I haven't tried their products before but I have tried others. It's awful when the kids have headlice. Mine girls got them a few times.

  3. My daughter had them constantly when in nursery as one family never treated so for her and her class it was a continual battle. Being prepared is a must with kids and having treatment in

  4. These sound like great products, we have not had to deal with nits yet (touch wood) I spray my daughters long hair with tea tree as that is supposed to deter them.

  5. I remember having headlice as a kid and it was horrible as my hair was so long. I remember my mum washing my hair in vinegar sometimes x