Monday 12 July 2021


Movies are definitely my thing . I love a night of popcorn and a decent show on Netflix, I always have.

Summer holidays are a week away and I’ve been on the hunt for some decent new movies and shows to get stuck into.

Netflix have got some really great stuff coming out this summer and I am so excited, and with so many ways now available to watch Tv for free (click here) it’s going to be better than ever!

If you haven’t seen the first two Fear streets, then where the hell have you been?. If you like classic 90s old school horror ,then this is for you.

It’s a 3 part trilogy and the third one comes out on the 16th July and I am so excited!. The first two were brilliant , you definitely won’t be disappointed!.

A classic horror story sounds exactly that!. Strangers stranded in southern Italy become stranded in the woods, where they must fight desperately to get out alive.Comes out July 14th.

I love any kind of dating show , blind date back in the day was awesome! :) . Sexy beasts looks a brilliant dating series. 

Bringing back dating for personality rather than looks, the daters are dressed up, full force, in prosthetics to bring the true meaning of a blind date back .The series starts on 21st July.

 Aftermath comes out on 4th August and I will admit, it does sounds like one of them films we’ve all seen before but I’ve added it to my list as the trailer does look good.

 A couple take a good deal and move into their ultimate dream home , but it isn’t as simple as that, when disturbing events reveal the houses troubled history .

 Let me know what your watching this summer :)



  1. I saw Fear Street mentioned on Netflix and wondered if I should watch it. I may give it a go x

  2. I'm not a huge fan of horror I must admit, but the dating show sounds fun. I'm very excited that Sex Education will be back in September - it's excellent!

  3. I am not too keen on horror story but love a good reality show so looking forward to watching Sexy beasts on Netflix

  4. I need to get Netflix again! I never watched the last season of The Crown and need to catch up on Call the Midwife. Such fab shows!

  5. Ooo we are always looking for new shows to watch - aftermath sounds like a good one and will be going on the list x

  6. We watched the trailer for sexy beasts and it looks stupid, but in a good way. I'm watching atypical on netflix at the moment x

  7. I am currently watching Virgin River, it's such a nice, relaxing series and I am glad that Netflix just released a new season.

  8. I need to finish Bridgerton and Call My Agent. We just watched Your Honour which was good.

  9. I need to have a browse through Netflix and have a look at what to watch as I now have 6 weeks off...yay!