Tuesday 13 July 2021



Learning to think critically is an integral part of how we develop our unique thought processes and will be able to know how to analyse information, highlight important parts of information and make educated decisions.


For our children, learning how to think critically is something that they’ll learn in a different way at first before they reach more difficult segments. In this guide from one of the top boarding schools.

Include playtime sessions

Children should be regularly stimulated through play. It’ll give them the chance to explore cause and effect; children drop things and throw things around all the time but this is a great way to give your child the chance to think about why they did that and what they can do next time. From throwing tennis balls, playing with marbles and moving action figures around are ways to continually practice critical thinking.


A virtue for many to employ, children need to have a lot of time to allow them to learn things in their own time. Don’t get frustrated when your child doesn’t understand how to handle something quickly, give them a few moments to come to a solution by themselves. If they are taking an unusually long time then you can slowly intervene by giving them some subtle hints along the way.

Ask them to think in different ways

Ask your child about different ways they can tackle a posing problem. Offer them a number of ways to go about a problem that still gives them the same outcome. There can often be a number of different ways to go about something, and giving your child that choice will make them decide which choice is the best to go for at the time. This also allows them to think more openly about future decisions.


  1. These sound like some great ways to try and help your child with critical thinking, it is definitely a important part of a childs learning process.

  2. It is so important to help children to develop their critical thinking skills so they can make good decisions in the future.

  3. Great tips here, as parents there is so many skills we need to pass on and teach our children

  4. I like the encourage them to think in different ways, as different ways can result in the same outcome but it's just how we choose what's best for them. A lot of people don't have patience when it comes to children but I think that's when kids can shut down x

  5. Teaching them to think critically is so important! It's a great idea to ask them to think about things in different ways, too.