When it comes to owning your own business , there are so many factors to it and not just as simple as running a business, a lot goes into it.

Whether it’s an online business or you’ve set up shop somewhere , there is an endless amount of things that will be on your to do list - where do you start?.

One of the most important factors is finding the best courier service to grow your business. 

You need to ensure that you provide a positive shipping experience in order to enjoy more business growth and success , and most of all, keep your customers happy :)

Once your customers are happy and content with their delivery of items, they will be sure to come back and you can then enjoy the increasing sales and be able to build a better reputation with good reviews and feedback.

How do you find  the best service though?.I’ve come up with checklist which you can use to weigh out your options and compare companies before you decide :)


The time it takes your items to get to their customers is essential key!. The quicker it gets there , the happier the customer!.


The size and weight of your products may affect delivery services either due to extra costs for delivering a larger item or because some couriers do not have the means to carry heavier or bigger items.


Make sure they are going to provide you with proof of delivery for every order.Some companies go that extra mile and send text messages out once the item has been delivered.

Straightaway also have some great tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the best UK delivery service for your company .

Once you’ve found the right service you might even be able to get a discount for long term using which is an added bonus!.

Id love to know if you have any other tips , if you do then please share :) 


  1. These are great tips as there are quite a few things to consider and it is so important to choose the best one for your business so your business succeeds too.

  2. Proof of delivery tends to be quite important when I send things as it's good to know you can prove you've sent something and when it's been received. But some important things to take into consideration x

  3. Great tips here. I always get proof of delivery for everything I send just in case something goes missing along the way.

  4. I enjoy companies that send texts and even send photos to the people they are delivering too - it makes me feel like I am really in control.


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