Friday 6 August 2021


When it comes to taking time out for myself or taking a break, it really isn’t something I do often , it just doesn’t come natural to most of us, especially parents.

There is such a stigma about taking time out for yourself and being selfish , and rather that, it is the complete opposite.

Being self employed ,a mother of three and also running a household, time out for myself is essential. You can’t pour from an empty cup hunnies and that saying is completely true!.

The feeling of being burnt out is so real and it can have such a damaging effect on you and ever lasting , it almost becomes a cycle .

Also being a parent , we feel that guilt of doing something for ourselves or telling the little ones you want to actually drink your coffee hot , we have all felt the guilt , but you are important too!.

Taking time out for yourself doe not have to be a whole day of pampering, fancy and expensive spa day, or a weekend away. Self care and time out can be as big or as little as you need or can do.

Little ways I take time out for myself and often is the key. I have got a few things I do and thought I would share them with you and maybe you can take away some little self care time out moments from me and incorporate them into your day or week :)


I set an alarm for the mornings and get up a little bit earlier before anyone is awake to enjoy a morning coffee in peace . Summer holidays are in full swing here and I am juggling the girls plus working from home and it has been a struggle , let me tell you. 

Some mornings I was already stressed before the day had started , so now I set my alarm , make my coffee and sit with my thoughts. Plan the day ahead , any work that I need to get done or deadlines , I set myself up for the day first thing and it is honestly the best thing I ever did!.


Honestly ,getting out does so much for the soul. The fresh air just hits you in a different kind of way. I do so much reflecting when I’m out in nature .

I sometimes take my morning coffee out into the garden if it’s a nice day and enjoy the sunshine and air .


Having a lazy day to recuperate is one of my favourites, as we all love having a chill day, including the girls . We get into our loungewear  and have a ‘do nothing day’. 

You all know how much I love my  grey loungewear  and my comfy co-ord sets  ,but  this gorgeous blue off the shoulder knitted loungewear set is my current obsession for our lazy days.

I don’t actually own anything knitted but this set is super soft and cosy and perfect for them days off!. Sitting around snuggled up with the kids watching movies all day … perfect!


If you have followed me for a while then you will know I regularly make time to go to the gym. It is hands down , the best form of therapy and amazing for your mental health , not to mention making you feel good too!.

My body has definitely changed in a way I wasn’t expecting it to since going to the gym . It is more about feeling good mentally as well as physically and also feeling super strong :)

If childcare is an issue then some gyms actually have a childcare facility which you can use, and the local gym by me actually encourages you to bring your children , no excuses to not show up for yourself , they let them sit with their snacks and iPads while you work out , bonus!.


We all know I am a little bit obsessed with the lush shop and a soak in the bath. Make yourself a brew , run a nice bubble bath and have a soak, I bet you haven’t had one in ages . Get the iPad out and put on some Netflix and chill! :)

I’d love to know what you do to take time out for yourself , and if you don’t , then I hope this will help you start taking care of yourself as you 100% deserve it !.


  1. I totally agree as parents we do not think about ourselves and often feel guilty about taking time out. I make the weekends work free so my laptop goes off on Friday and I do not open it again until Monday.

  2. I love taking time out and spending it in the bath, shutting the world out for an hour or for as long as I can keep the water warm x