Thursday 5 August 2021


 By providing your child with an appropriate place in your home to complete their homework and other academic tasks, you send the message that you value their education and are supportive of their progress. 

However, a perfect study space is more than just a desk or table with some stationery; there are some other things you will have to consider. Here’s some advice from a junior school in Somerset.




Task lighting, such as a desk lamp, is important for someone studying or other doing intricate work, because without it your child may suffer from eye strain and headaches. This will reduce their motivation and productivity and they won’t be able to complete their schoolwork to the highest standard. Natural light would obviously be better, because as humans we are hardwired to work in the day when the sun is up, so try and set up the study space near a window, if possible. 




You’ll need to invest in a desk and chair that are appropriately sized for your child for maximum comfort. If they have to hunch over or bend their arms in an unnatural position, they will end up experience aches and pains that will make it difficult for them to focus on their work. Perhaps consider an adjustable chair so that your child can alter the height as the grow. Bear in mind that their arms should ideally be placed at a 90-degree angle when working at a desk.


No Distractions


If you set up the study space in a communal area of the house, where other people are chatting or watching TV, your child will not be able to concentrate. If they can see their PlayStation from the corner of their eye, they will be more inclined to rush through their studying in order to make time for leisure activities. This is not conducive of an effective study space.

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