Friday 13 August 2021


If you have followed me for a while then you will know my love for essential oils and room diffusers . Especially at this time of year.

Autumn is slowly creeping upon us and I am all for the cosy autumn feels and the home smelling amazing.

The fox glove tree have an incredible range of botanical fragrance diffuser casts, all made from nature imprints.

I absolutely loved them as soon as I looked on their website and loved that they were hanging decorations so could be moved from room to room if you wanted too.These diffusers are so easy to use and honestly smell incredible!.

Choose which design you would like. I chose the sage as I absolutely love sage and work with it quite a lot in my magical practice.

Choose which scent you would like as all the diffusers include one 3ml vial which is such a great little gift set if you were looking for gift ideas.

There are quite a few scents to choose from , I have Apple pie , Rhubarb and rose, wood sage and sea salt and lemon and lavender.

They all smell absolutely divine and I love the lemon and lavender of an evening to settle me for the night. 

Add a few drops to the back of your cast and let dry, then hand up and enjoy the scent.

Each diffuser is individually wrapped and comes with jute twine ready to hang :)

I love that this is a mother’s small business and all the products are handmade from the plants that they grow in their garden . 



  1. This is a really clever idea, I love that you can hang it somewhere x

  2. Oh yes, the lemon and lavendar sounds like one I'd enjoy too, really soothing. The imprint is just beautiful, so well done.

  3. That is so beautiful and being able to hand it is such a wonderful idea!