Saturday 14 August 2021


When it comes to summer holidays , the first thing I remember being little was having a trip to the pie shop for our traditional pie, mash and liquor.

We use to go on holiday in the summer to Clacton On Sea . My Grandad had a caravan there and that was where we spent most of the summer and I absolutely loved it. We made friends over the years and I looked forward to going every summer.

We would also have a day out in Clacton and go to Magic City.I’d love to know if anyone had been there before and remembers Magic city . It was like a soft play but as a child , I remember it looking like the most amazing adventure park in the world, it was epic.

Unfortunately it isn’t there anymore as I wanted to take the girls a while back but it had shut down a long time ago.

Anyway, as a tradition we would also go into the pie shop and have pie,mash and liquor which is essentially pie and mash with a parsley liquor sauce .

Honestly , this is the best holiday food out there and I absolutely lived for it as a child . Plenty of vinegar on the liquor and black pepper too- SO good!.

We are currently at my mums and dads house for a few weeks of the summer holidays and we always put in our favourite dinner requests for whilst we’re here :)

Alessia always asks for mincemeat and mash and Kadiann asked my dad to make his famous pie and mash. 

When I say it tastes just like the one on holiday , I am not kidding !.

It was absolutely delicious and I probably didn’t even chew most of it , just inhaled it :) 

The best pie and mash around and he has managed to create it just like the one on holiday. 

You can find the recipe and how to make it online by googling .If you do recreate it I’d love to see how yours turns out …


  1. One thing I have never done is go to a pie and mash shop, I really would love to go to one and even found somewhere online where you could order everything to reheat at home. I am going to have to try this recipe

  2. I used to live in Clacton when I was young and yes I loved Magic City, it was always the place we asked to go to at the weekend.

  3. Ohh the parsley liquor sauce sounds yummy, I do love a pie and mash x

  4. I don't think I have ever tried pie and mash. This however looks absolutely delicious.

  5. You can't beat a bit of pie and mash. It's the perfect comfort food.

  6. I love visiting a traditional pie and mash shop, we have a new one near us which I can't wait to try.