Sunday 8 August 2021


I honestly can not remember the last time we went to soft play, I think Nila was only just walking and she is now 4!.

Obviously we’ve been in a pandemic for a year and a half so that hasn’t really helped!, so it’s not all my fault :)

I booked a slot online and I was a little apprehensive if I’m being truthful. I’m happy the world is opening up again , especially for the children but at the same time I am still very cautious, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I thought it would be really packed and crammed but the slot booking is obviously there for a reason and it was fine. Hand sanitiser for you to use and they actually took away the ball bit area which I think is a great idea , I wouldn’t want to be the one to sanitise every ball after a days work would you? :)

Nila came out looking like a beetroot so it’s a given she had fun and Lessie was just so glad for a new scenery you know?. 

I’ve been thinking all week about school supplies , when’s the best time to go uniform shopping , I mean, I’m not going to pretend I’m an early bird when it comes to getting school bits .

I am so unorganised usually and if I’m honest , the summer holidays seem to fly by so quickly and everything ends up having to be ordered , so we decided to get as much bought as we could today and it was a success!.

I managed to pick everything up apart from Alessia’s skorts for PE as they weren’t in stock but have ordered them in for next week. An afternoon well spent! 

It’s only school shoes and bags that we need now so we can safely sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer holidays knowing , for once , I finally have my shizzle together :)

Have you got all the school supplies yet ? Or are you normally last minute ?


  1. I think we're done now for school shopping. I got trainers and shoes the other day.

  2. I went shoe shopping today - £200 later and I’ve not even done their clothes yet, but thankfully most bits still fit from last year. Glad you enjoyed soft play

  3. We're pretty much all set for school stuff here. My eldest will be in year 11 so needed a new uniform, plus my other daughter has grown loads.

  4. Ooh sounds like a great day out and who doesn't love a bit of soft play

    Laura x