Monday 9 August 2021


 If you have read the title of this and nodded your head then, when you know you know :)

If you have followed me for a while now then you will know I am all things witchy and spiritual and I am a massive candle lover!.

Candles , wax melts , anything that gives me all them autumn cosy feels , then I am there.

TK MAXX is always the place to go for a good candle , their autumn scents are absolutely gorgeous and if you are a pumpkin spice kinda girl ,then you need to get yourself down there ASAP!.

We have been on the hunt for the Halloween Rae Dunn candles that have made an appearance in a few stores. With them being American , they are so hard to find .

We’ve been to quite a few stores and luckily managed to get  some of the ones that are on my ‘in search of list’ , yay!!.

I am still after a few more , she writes this as she eyes up the 20 odd candles on the shelf, but a girl can never have to many candles right?.

I do want to find a few more bits to decorate the house with as we absolutely love Halloween and definitely go all out , it’s one of our favourite times of the year .

Are you a Halloween person? , or candle obsessed like me :) 

What’s your favourite scent for the autumn months? 


  1. I've been to quite a few Homesense and TKMAXX stores for Halloween stuff, I've picked up a few Rae Dunn candles but there are still a few more I want on my wish list x

  2. I went to Home Sense and started shopping halloween already! I got loads of candles.

  3. Oh my these all look fab I may have to pop into my local store this week and take a peek, I absolutely love that cat skeleton pillow lol! I love candles too, you just can't beat the smell and warm feeling of having a candle burning!

  4. Ha, yes! Give me all the candles. I love that they have so many projects for Halloween. Fun!

  5. I really love autumn and love getting all my candles out. Love the smell of cinnamon.