Monday 6 September 2021


 Give your child a decent level of adult guidance early on so that they’re prepared for what life throws at them and can equally be used in the classroom. 

Life skills make us who we are and how we can handle what life throws at us, as well as making us capable adults. This nursery in Shoreditch recommends you start early with these top 5 skills you should teach your child as they grow up.

1 - Hygiene

A crucial step is ensuring your child understands at least a basic level of hygiene. Show them the importance of brushing and flossing daily, having a cleaning routine and washing your hands after you’ve used the toilet and before eating.

2 - Managing money

Your child will start receiving pocket money for good behaviour or for completing chores around the home. The next step is making sure they use their pocket money for the right purchases and not spending it all in one go! If they’re saving for something unique, for example, then help them to save by putting some money away in a piggy bank and keeping some aside for little treats.

3 - Keeping the home clean

To have a general understanding of cleaning up a mess when they spot it can really help their parents when they come home after a long day at work. Begin with age-appropriate chores before they get older and are able to handle these tasks without even being asked.

4 - Getting ready for the day

You can get a lot more work done if you’re able to let your kid get dressed and ready without needing to ask them. They’ll learn this as they get older as they get used to getting ready for school every weekday, but it can also give them a bit of independence.

5 - Shopping

From grocery shopping to holding restraint when going for retail therapy - there are a lot of elements that children will need to learn to make them savvy shoppers. Show them how to stick to a grocery list and develop their skills from there.




  1. These are all great skills and something if taught early enough they just do. I did all these with my kids and see it in my grandkids now

  2. I am working on teaching mine to help keep the home clean. It's a work in progress and I hope i get there they are old enough to move out lol.

  3. These are definitely great life skills to be teaching your child. I have recently been teaching Jack how to use the self service machines in the supermarket.