Wednesday 8 September 2021


 All dogs deserve to be thrilled, but if any kind of dog deserves it the most, it is most certainly senior dogs. Getting on in life is not easy for any being, dog or not, and so making their golden years the best they can be should be at the forefront of every dog lover’s mind.


 So, here are some wonderful ideas to consider to offer some jubilance to your dog’s life.


Take Them For Some Hydro-Therapy

Older dogs, just like younger dogs, need to stay fit and active as part of a healthy lifestyle. But when your four-legged friend starts to get older, taking them out for a walk several times a day can exhaust them.


A brilliant alternative that many dog lovers have started to consider is taking their dogs to hydro-therapy where they walk on a treadmill that is submerged in water. While traditionally used to treat dogs recovering from illness or surgery, more and more people are taking their companions to recreational hydro-therapy for fitness reasons.


For senior dogs, it means staying active with little stress on their ageing bones and joints.


Switch It Up To Some Luxury Food

Yet luxury doesn’t always need to mean unhealthy. Things like raw dog food tailored specifically for older pooches is definitely worth a look.


That being said, if you are going this route it is vital to consult your vet when changing your dog’s diet. There are many factors to consider that your vet will be experienced in to help advise you on what would be best for your best friend.


Bella & Duke is a good example of a reputable company that sells high-quality raw dog food for senior dogs. Click here to see what they have to offer.


Just because your dog likes what they eat and it's healthy enough doesn’t mean that you can’t make it better. Raw food is easier for senior pups to break down and can offer that little bit more energy in the senior years.


Get Them A Doggy Spa Day

This is another great one for any dog, but especially older dogs. Just like with humans, a spa day doesn’t need to be just functional. It can be a blissful activity that helps you destress.


Picking the right spa day for your dog is all about looking into local providers of the service and seeing what they offer. Some dog spas offer a full, comprehensive day that includes everything from tranquil baths to soothing dog massages. 


Take Them To See Old Friends

This one is hugely underrated but can elevate your dog’s whole week and put a merry spring in their step. If you have ever moved houses in the course of your dog’s life, or a neighbour that had a doggy playmate has moved, then this could be an exceptional chance to give your senior pooch a fabulous surprise.


Just like you will catch up with old friends and have a blast, your dog will love to see their old buddies again. You could take it a step further and have a play date arranged at a local park, rather than just popping in to say hello for an hour or two.


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  1. Love these ideas, my dogs love a new bone honestly think they have won the jackpot when they do haha