Friday 10 September 2021


 Now I know I’m not alone when I say jackets can be such a pain - winter jackets , waterproof jackets , summer jackets, if you’re like me then you probably own a ton of different kinds for everyone season.

I do love to shop pre-loved as much as I can but even so, a jacket for all types of weather is SO expensive and really not economically friendly.

Then there’s material, we all love a bargain but bargains aren’t always the best option as the material is really low quality and just doesn’t last.


Investing in my wardrobe is something I have been doing since the beginning of 2021. Buying good quality pieces that are sustainable and going to last is 100% better in the long run. This is where Gamma come in.

The ultimate heated jacket that is Graphene-infused, lightweight , waterproof and has 10 smart pockets. I know what you are all thinking? Sold right ! :)

Graphnene is as hard as things like diamonds which makes this jacket the ultimate jacket of all traits!. Tear proof and long lasting!The graphnene in the jacket is only one carbon atom thick so it’s super lightweight.

What is also amazing about this jacket is it’s an all year round one.


It’s multi-purpose qualities are spot on. Heat pads to provide warmth in the coldest of cold temperatures, it’s also waterproof and also cooling with its thermoregulating qualities ,helping to move excess heat away from them hot areas.

As well as this . Here are some other amazing benefits to this jacket.

  • Thermoregulating: Graphene distributes heat around its entire lattice evenly, keeping your entire body warm while moving excess heat away from areas that are too toasty. GAMMA keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the spring. 
  • Moisture-wicking: Graphene’s lattice moves moisture away from your skin and expells it to the exterior of the jacket where it will easily evaporate, preventing sweaty skin and rashes.  
  • Anti-Odour and germ-proof: Graphene is totally antimicrobial, meaning it kills all germs on contact. Besides keeping you healthy, it will also prevent GAMMA from ever smelling musty or sweaty. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Hike, camp and enjoy the outdoors knowing that GAMMA will shield you from pollen, mites and poisonous plants. 
  • 100% waterproof and windproof: GAMMA is a completely impermeable rain jacket, and it’s totally windproof. Even the strongest gusts won’t affect your body temperature, making GAMMA perfect for windy plains and mountain hikes. 
  • UV light blocking: Most lightweight jackets allow UV radiation to pass through, damaging the skin and even causing burns on sunny days. Graphene blocks UV light to keep your skin safe.
  • Insect repelling: Naturally insect-repellant graphene keeps flies and mosquitos away without chemical sprays. 
  • Ultra-durable: Graphene is the strongest material on Earth. Gamma is practically impossible to damage, even with sharp knives, so it will look like new for decades. 


My favourite feature?, I mean there are a few but I love the built in fingerless gloves. I am forever losing gloves and must buy a dozen pairs over winter . Not anymore!.

Little extra added touches like this are such a selling point for me and something that definitely catches my eye when I am on the look out to buy something new.

Did you know that the  Graphnene infused jacket from wear graphnene raised 50,000 in just 3 days, it’s absolutely insane and definitely one to get your hands on this year.

All in all I really love the idea behind this jacket and think it one to definitely not miss out on. They are selling fast and already become so popular this year, which doesn’t surprise me at all!.

Plus it comes in both designs for men and women so a great Christmas gift now we are already in September!

You can order your Gamma Jacket and find out more at


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