Sunday 12 September 2021


 Having arts and crafts in the home is a fun and inviting way of letting your child use skills they’ve built in the classroom, express their creative skills and take their minds away from stress.


There are heaps of benefits to having arts and crafts sessions in between school or on rainy days. Here are some of the key advantages to arts and crafts, as recommended by a private nursery in Cardiff

They get to practice their fine motor skills

Having children play by using paints, glue and all sorts of crafting materials gives them the chance to use their hands and understand how to hold different objects. Painting shows them how to do different paint strokes; glueing gives them the opportunity to learn about how much glue is necessary to stick something in place; using scissors (safely) will give them a chance to use their grip to keep a steady hand when cutting.

Lets them explore their creative side

The ultimate advantage of introducing regular arts and crafts time is down to how much creativity and curiosity children get to explore. If they’re left to their own devices you often find that children draw, paint and build on whatever comes to their mind, whether it’s a landscape drawing or a huge multi-coloured painting. Let their imaginations run free.

They get to harness their artistic skills

Perhaps your child wants to be an art prodigy one day, or one of their favourite hobbies is to do art, drawing or textiles. There are so many strands within the world of art that your child could be interested in any or all of them. However, nurturing that interest and giving them the tools to explore their interests will improve their skills and build on something that they might use in the future.


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