Tuesday 14 September 2021


 Starting school with a host of children that are the same age can be a lot of stress to handle. It’s a big step for a child! And for parents, having everything they need for the first day of school is enough stress to hope the rest of the year goes swimmingly.


Thankfully, there are a number of things we can prepare for when our children begin primary or secondary school; this guide from an independent school in Potters Bar will show you what you can expect.

You’ll be confined to pick up and drop off times

For most of us we all work busy hours, so trying to get to school at the right time to pick up your child can be a lot of unwanted stress. Oftentimes liaising with your managers will show you how many parents need to rush off for the past 3pm pick up, and aim to be flexible if you have a partner or another guardian to pick up your child.

Your child will be keen to speak with you more often

This is a time in your child’s life where they’ll be learning a lot of different things and how they affect the real world. Give them the space to open up to you and ask you questions - let them be curious about things that happen around them. Don’t be afraid to answer those questions that might be a bit touchy to hear from your child; they’re discovering a lot of new things at once, so be accommodating.

You’ll soon meet your child’s new friends

Get used to conversations with your child’s new friends and their parents. Get to know who’s who around the school and how they help your child progress in their socialisation and communication skills. Aim to be open and welcoming as this is your child’s first experience of making new friends and forming relationships, and let them enjoy those moments.


  1. When my eldest started school, he didn't know anyone as we had moved across town so all his nursery friends went to a different school. But my youngest was lucky as eight children from his nursery went to the same school and they were all put in the same class. He's in P3 now and still friends with some of them, though he has made new friends too.

  2. So nice to share tips especially for parents going through this for the first time - very exciting when your child goes to school for the first time.

    Laura x