Saturday 4 September 2021


The weekend is finally here, and even though the children have only been back to school for two days, Wow, that routine is definitely out of whack!.The 6.45am morning wake ups have not been missed at all,and it is definitely not my vibe, who’s a morning person here?. Anyone else feeling the burn and living for the weekends again.

I have actually been getting up around15 minutes early before the girls do, just so I can have my morning coffee in peace and I can set myself up for the day. I think it has really helped the mornings run smoothly and working from home , it lets me set out and plan my work day.

If you have not tried it before then I would definitely recommend it. It doesn’t have to be a 5am wake up like I know so people do. The 5am club right?, yeah that’s definitely not going to happen here, just 15 minutes earlier, on your own in peace with a coffee, a lot can be planned out, trust me.

So the weekend is upon us finally and it is all about relaxing in our loungewear and plenty of Netflix’s with the girls .We all know my love for grey loungewear, it’s a given , but I am loving this Camel boxed cropped hoodie and joggers loungewear set. It is so cute and a new addition to my wardrobe and I absolutely love it.

We are all a little exhausted , so it’s a loungewear and movies kind of weekend all round , and I am hear for it.

One must when it comes to loungewear is it has be super soft and super cosy, it’s a must!. There is nothing worse than buying something you are planning to relax in and it feeling like sandpaper , have you ever had that?, it is the worst!, and no amount of washing it in the best comfort is going to help either.

My ultimate cosy set is this navy tracksuit set. It’s super light material but SO soft and literally feels like you are wearing pyjamas!. They wash really well too , which is always a bonus :)

They also come in a few different colours including mauve and a gorgeous dark khaki, which you know I am buying soon!.

Some of the new bits I have found for weekend lounge days are lush!. I am always on the hunt for new clothes. Anyone else love shopping?. I am trying to do a no spend September… it is going well so far, but it is only the 4th, 4 days in …we’ve got a long way to go yet.

Another one of my favourites is this really cute charcoal scoop neck sleeveless crop top and shorts co ord set is such a gorgeous 2 piece.

I’ve never seen these types of sets before but I love the charcoal colour and love that it’s crop top with no sleeves. I’ve even been to the gym in this and it’s great for the warmer days.

Obviously pop on a sports bra under the top if  you are heading to the gym- we don’t want no accidents hun!

We are currently looking at another heatwave apparently , so the next few weeks are going to be warm,we can all hope can’t we !. So this shorts set will be perfect for them lazy days in the garden with plenty of iced coffee :)

Oversized hoodies are also a must on the weekends. They make the perfect loungewear attire.Sunday lazy vibes on the sofa in the biggest hoodie you have with plenty of tea and biscuits and all the blankets - perfect.

This one is a size 8 but oversized and I absolutely love it. Alessia pinches it off me sometimes , I should buy two , so we can match! 

Are you having a lazy lounging weekend or are you a busy bee? 

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  1. I love oversized hoodies too. I haven't gotten new ones in a while so I guess I will have to check online for nice ones to buy. My weekends are mostly days for relaxation (none of that cleaning and doing laundry) so it is on those days that you'd see me in comfy clothes - even in my PJs the whole day!