Tuesday 28 September 2021


I don’t know about you, but September has absolutely flown by, I honestly do not know where the month has gone .

I definitely feel like the days are going quicker now we are living a little more of a ‘normal’ life, and I am so excited for all the cosy autumn feels now Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner .September is always a self love month for me and I’ve got a few bits that have definitely made this pampering month special  :)

Chocolates for me , you just can’t beat them. An afternoon to yourself with a hot cup of tea and chocolates before you pick the children up from school is honestly heaven.

Praline is my absolute go to chocolate and the Guylian’s chocolate have been my favourite for so many years, they are so good!.

I have been taking CBD oil for quite a while now and although I was a little skeptical at first like most , I can definitely feel the benefits . 

Our remedy  is a CBD oil that actually tastes amazing !, and is great for anxiety , struggling to sleep or just to unwind and get rid of that tension that comes with a busy and stressful life .

I love that they are the only company that offer plastic free refills too :) 

Skincare is so important to feeling good and a big part of self care.I love skincare products as a hobby too!. Can’t beat trying out new face moisturiser or a new eye cream , anyone else?.

I’ve been lucky enough to test out the award winning flawless photo flow spf30 anti-aging moisturiser .  It’s rich in antioxidants and has honestly left my skin feeling amazing!.

Autumn has definitely arrived , we’ve had the coldest of days over the last week and the mornings have been so dark .

All the candles and wax melts are out already and I am not mad about it  :)

A melt in time do some beautiful luxury Wax melts in so many different scents. The alien invasion has got to be one of my favourites and they are so affordable too.

Are you feeling all the Autumn feels yet ? ..


  1. The moisturiser that you tried sounds wonderful. I love trying new ones. There are some really good ones available for my skin type which i love.

  2. I can't believe we are in autumn already it is crazy! I have to admit we are loving wax melts here at the moment as well.

  3. What a lovely set of gifted items through September! I'm all about Guylian right now, the seashells totally gear me up for Christmas!

  4. I love Guylian chocolates, we have used CBD oil as it does have great benefits but just can not stand the taste of it

  5. Autumnal scents in candles or wax melts are my absolute fav, and I love the name of the one you have. Some great looking items x

  6. I am definitely feeling autumnal right now! Guylian chocolates have to be some of my faves - so delicious and indulgent!