Thursday 30 September 2021


So the time has come for you to get some help in for the big house move.You might be moving house or moving offices and can not do it alone and therefore need some help, but where do you start?

A man with a van is definitely something that we have used over the years . If you have followed us for a while then you will know we have had our fair share of moving - with and without a man with a van .

Let me tell you , we will never be doing it alone again , that’s for sure .

So you have decided to opt for a cheap man and a van service  to help out , but haven’t a clue what you are looking for . I have got some top tips for you that will hopefully help you out when choosing the right guy for you.

Definitely ask around to see if anyone has used a man with a van before . Knowing someone that has used the service before and can recommend a good one is definitely the first step in finding someone reliable.

Definitely get rid of anything you are not taking before you get your quote . Any furniture you are intending to sell up before you move , or any toys that need taking to the charity shop. This will definitely cut the cost down which can go towards the move.

Write a note of exactly what you need doing so the quotes are 100% accurate. My parents moved home a few years ago and did a quick estimate but worked out nearly twice as much in costs and they turned up without a big enough van .

So In the mayhem of things , questions forget to be asked. Some really important ones especially, so definitely write down the things that you need to know and ask when the time comes .

Will protective covers be used to reduce damage?

Are boxes provided or do you need to purchase your own?

How many assistants will be doing the move ? Do you need to rally in any help?

Do they have insurance?

These are just a few we have on our list for when moving .

I really hope these top tips do help you if you are ready to make the big house move or just an office change . I hope it all goes really well :)

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