Saturday 2 October 2021


 When you have children, things like them moving out and starting their own life just doesn’t come into the equation.

You give birth to your precious bundle of joy and dream of all the days of cuddles and days out , watching them grow and cherishing every single minute.

Time really does go by so fast, and over the past few days we have been helping Kadiann move into her own home.

Her and her two best friends have teamed up together and are all moving out into the big world. She is 18 and I honestly never thought this day would come, you don’t do you?.

I can’t tell you how much I have cried and spent the evenings being unable to sleep and I am feeling really broken but I am also so proud of her.

The strongest and most amazing young woman I know. 

She hasn’t moved to far , literally 10 minute drive away so she hasn’t escaped me that easily :)

She also starts a new job on Monday so it’s all a new fresh start and adventure and I can’t wait for her to make some amazing mementoes with her friends.

Kadiann… you are honestly the most amazing daughter and I am so proud to have you. Things haven’t always been easy but you always come out of top and absolutely smash everything you do. If you ever need me , you know I am only a phone call away and a minute down the road , please don’t be a stranger.

I love you so much … mum xx


  1. Oh gosh that must be such a big thing as a parent to deal with. I hope she loves her new home and has a great time living with friends.

  2. Wow whhat a milestone, very exciting and emotional I can imagine. I was only thinking the other day about how my eldest is quickly getting close to the age where before I know it he'll be moving out.hope she settles in well and enjoys her time in her new place.