Monday 4 October 2021


It is officially October and if you have followed us for a while then you will know this time of year is our absolute favourite.

All things spooky and Autumnal , we are there! We have spent today at the Halloween Farm on Cattows farm and honestly , we have had the most amazing time and the girls already can not wait to go back.

We starting Pumpkin picking a few years ago and absolutely love it and usually go to the same patch every year but we were invited to the Halloween farm in Leicester this weekend and we were all so excited!.

On arrival we checked in and got our passes. You can print these off at home if it’s easier for you, we just got a QR codes scanned and handed our passes which was great.As you enter , there is a funfair attraction with rides and candyfloss. The rides are £3 each and the girls loved their time on the bouncy castles and slides . You can pay by card too which was really handy.

Behind the funfair is the food area which we stopped for lunch and had brioche classic burgers with plenty of gherkins- so delicious!. The girls had a chicken bites and chips meal which they really enjoyed.

We then headed to fantasy island which has the trick or treating area, the zombies vs plants and the Dorothy maze.

The girls were so excited for the trick or treating. It’s all inside a big tent . You knock on the doors and are greeted by different characters. The girls absolutely loved it. They got sweets, popcorn and even toys.

You then walk round and are greeted by a zombie who takes you into the zombies vs plants area where you get a bucket of soft balls and are on a timer to knock  out the zombies - real life zombies . This was so cool and we were so impressed .

Lastly in fantasy island was the maize maze, where the girls were greeted by Dorothy on the yellow brick road. She had lost her friends and asked if we could find them : the lion , the tin man and the scarecrow , we found them all and Nila was definitely invested in finding them for her, which was so cute :)

We ended the day in the pumpkin patch and got so many pumpkins , some really cute ones too.

We will definitely be making pumpkin pie this year so keep an eye out for that !.

We have had such a lovely day and I can honestly say it’s one of the best pumpkin patch Halloween farm we have ever been to.

The farm is open from 9am-6pm and Entry to the farm is £3 and entry to the fantasy island is £7.

- Gifted entry 


  1. This looks like such a wonderful place to visit! We have something similar nearby that I can't wait to visit!

  2. It looks like there is lots going on there. So much fun to be had and great themeing.

  3. Is it £7 each for fantasy island ?