Tuesday 26 October 2021


 As the nights draw in and the days become colder you might be thinking what you can do to prepare your home for the winter whilst retaining its best features. Here are 5 ways you can improve your home ready for the cold months, from this cements business in London.

1 - Seal your doors

You may be finding there’s a much bigger draught coming in through your doors. Using a weather trapper or a draught excluder and sealing it around your door will reduce the cold air entering your home or flat, making it warmer in the winter months.

2 - If your windows aren’t already double glazed, now's the time

With a double or triple glazed set of windows you’re retaining the heat in your home as well as keeping the majority of moisture and draughts outside of the home.

3 - Seal up any cracks around the home

Now would be a good time to seal the cracks and check the rest of your home for any signs of damp. Cracks could be happening for a number of reasons, such as guttering issues or a cracked/damaged set of roof tiles.

4 - Do a check of the radiators around the home

The last thing you want to discover is that your heaters aren’t working after not being on for so long. If you have electric heaters powering the heat around the home you can call an electrician or a storage heater expert to fix these for you. For oil-based radiators you can always call a plumber.

5 - See if your home needs insulating

Most homes should or are insulated to retain heat in the home and bring down energy bills. There are still some that could be left not insulated properly, though, so it’s always worth checking the state of the insulation in your attic or roof space.







  1. I was feeling cold today and when I checed out the radiators, 90% of them needed bleeding and it has made such a difference. A simple job that makes a real difference.

  2. Such an important list of things to keep homes feeling cosy this winter. I really feel the cold so this is great to go through, thank you!