Sunday 24 October 2021


 Looking for ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life or to modernise the space? If you’re stuck on inspiration for your kitchen, or think your kitchen needs an update, here are some top tips that help you look at ways to update your cooking space.

Use metals

Using metals around your kitchen can give it both a rustic or a modern look depending on how you style the rest of the room. Try brass, brushed gold metal or even copper pipes to add a new look to your kitchen; add them as taps, on your cabinets or as part of your lighting.


Adding accessories is a great one to update a kitchen without spending a fortune. Some new seasonal candles on the window seal, or perhaps some art work or prints , Desenio do some gorgeous neon signs that would brighten up any room and give it a new lease of life.

Change your flooring

You may have been wanting to change the flooring for some time, or you’ve never been sure what to do with it, but there are ways to use Parquet flooring that will completely transform the room. 

Modernise your countertop

For most people the countertop is often overlooked. It also covers the majority of your kitchen and is used so much on a daily basis that it can make a heap of difference if it’s updated. Why not change the countertop to a material you hadn’t thought of before? Tiles and brick worktops are becoming more and more popular these days, if you’re after something unique.

Change up your lighting

If you’ve got a bunch of glass cabinets, add small LED lights inside them. Lighting up these spaces can improve the ambience your kitchen creates while also being light on the wallet. While you’re at it, change any bulbs or light fixtures in your kitchen to more energy efficient bulbs - it’ll help you save money and the planet’s resources.





  1. I also think if you have wooden cabinets or cabinet fronts that can be painted that can make a huge difference x

  2. There is so much you can do to update a kitchen. Changing the floor can improve the look of the room greatly.

  3. We had a new kitchen a few years ago and we love it, but we still need more storage!

  4. Some really great tips here. I painted my cupboards not too long ago and it made the whole kitchen look better

  5. Some fabulous tips here, been thinking about changing my counter top and kitchen to refresh it as well

  6. I am in the process of changing the look of my kitchen. I am on a low cost budget so I chose to cover my counter tops with foil, to give them a new life. It's a cheap and easy alternative to changing them.

  7. Great tips here - I definitely agree with changing up your countertops, it can really make a kitchen look fresher!