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 Parents are often anxious about when their baby is transitioning through various milestones. For example, what should I do when they start crawling? Is it safe to let them walk? How can I keep them safe in the car seat? These are all essential questions that every parent needs to answer, and we're here to help.

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Make Sure You Maintain High Hygiene Standards

You should always make sure that the room your child is sleeping in or playing in is clean. In addition, ensure you are washing your hands regularly and sterilizing all equipment used daily. There are also certain milestones where it's extra important to keep up high hygiene standards, such as when they learn how to crawl or walk around. This is when they are most likely to put anything in their mouths, so you must keep everything clean.

A baby walking around will also attempt to put just about anything in its mouth as they explore with their hands and start tasting different things. While this can be one of those magical milestones that you watch your little child achieve, it's paramount that you maintain high hygiene standards.

Make Sure You Maintain High Hygiene Standards

When your baby starts crawling, the first thing you need to do is put in a gate at the bottom of any staircases. You can also get netting or a baby fireguard that goes over the top of every other place where they could fall from and hurt themselves. Next, you should install cabinet locks on all kitchen cabinets with dangerous chemicals or objects inside, which can be harmful if your baby gets a hold of them. 

This is also good for when they start pulling up and trying to get on the sofa or other furniture so that nothing falls onto their head. Next, it would be best to put all objects such as remote controls, cell phones, and car keys. In off-limits places where your child can't get into trouble with these items.

Keep a Close Eye on Their Activities

Your baby will become more mobile as they try to explore their surroundings. This is a natural progression of development that occurs from crawling, sitting up and then standing up. As your child progresses through these stages, be sure to keep an eye on them so you can see if they are having any difficulties with mobility or need some extra support to complete these milestones.

Engage Everyone in the House in Ensuring Their Safety

As a baby begins to crawl, walk and climb the stairs, everyone in the house must take responsibility for their safety. If you have an older child responsible for watching after their little brother or sister, then be sure they understand what this means - being responsible does not mean looking after them while also doing other chores around the house.

Engaging everyone in the house in ensuring their safety implies that everyone is actively looking for potential dangers and making sure they avoid them.


Making sure your baby is safe and secure during these different life milestones will help them reach their full potential. They may be a lot of work at times, but they are worth it! Therefore, please do everything you can to ensure their safety and your sanity.

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