Friday 28 January 2022


Nila loves school and loves learning. After school she will get her words and book out, and really does enjoy getting stuck in, so we are always on the look out to add to our learning pieces at home .

We were recently sent one of the Cool for school learning packs to test out and I already knew it would be a hit with Nila.

Cool for School learning boxes are filled with fun activities for ages 4-8 years and have a variety of maths and English games.

Cool for school ensures learning at home is a fun thing to do and they’ve vowed to make it a positive experience for both little ones and parents - lockdown was definitely not a lot of fun for us !, these boxes completely change that dred into fun! :)

The activities are designed to link in with key learning objectives from the National Curriculum for year groups Reception up to and including year 3. 

Nila is 4 and in reception so it’s all about the phonics and blending words together. She does really well and is always wanting to practise her words.

One of the games in this box is a three in a row word game- so we had to pop our button on which square we wanted which was a a picture of something i.e a bag, and then you have cards with letters on for your little ones to spell out to win that place on the board.

It’s so good and Nila loved this one and it gets them familiar with their words and letters whilst playing and having fun- they don’t even realise it’s learning :)

We also got some games which included glitter and gluing- which Nila was happy about , she’s obsessed with glitter and glue .

Everything you need for the activities are all included in the box, even a pair of child friendly scissors which I thought was brilliant.

The subscription boxes can be brought as a one-off box or you can make sure you're covered by purchasing for the year. There is a box for every half term (which is roughly every 6 weeks), which is fantastic.

Do let me know if you try them out :)

-Gifted box in exchange for a review 

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