Monday 29 November 2021


 I have been slowly ticking off the children’s Christmas wish list over the past few weeks and slowly but surely I am definitely getting there :) .Are you ready for Christmas? Or are you still shopping?, I’ve done a round up of some lovely Christmas gifts for children that might inspire you or help you out whilst browsing this year .

Sweet treats are definitely at the top of the girls’ lists. They always ask for candy and chocolate selection boxes, they are our Christmas tradition and have been since they were little .

Swizzels are our favourite sweets and they do such a huge collection of yummy treats. Depending on your budget ,you could go for a huge hamper ,a tub or their cute little letter box size hampers which are filled with enough sweeties to keep your kiddies going through the holidays.

The girls love getting books for Christmas, they definitely take after their mum for being little book worms.Oh no ,Shark in the park is one of Nila's favourites and the Oh no, Shark in the snow is going to be such a hit over the festive period.

The miracle on Ebenezer street has Alessia's name all over it and is such a lovely one for this time of year. Inspired by the Christmas Carol ,it’s a great one to add to the Christmas book collection.

We always try and get the children practical and educational toys as well as keeping them fun too. Learning resources have such a wide range of stuff including this splashology set from Wicked Uncle .

Water fun is the best isn't it, I think this one will go down brilliantly .

Another brilliant one is the eye spy with my little eye learning game from Cheatwell games

Great for the younger ones that are learning their phonics and sounds .Nila is going to absolutely love this one ,she loves playing eye spy.

Arts and crafts are always welcomed in this house, do your little ones enjoy making things?,mine can spend hours making little creations at the table after school. .

This little cutie stix creation set bead maker looks so cool from John Adams.Chop your stix, create your beads and wear your designs :)

Typo XXL tidy tie dye mess free would make an amazing main gift, especially with the older children.

We have this one for Alessia as she loves creating cool pieces, and adding accessories to her clothes, and with it being completely mess free, definitely has parent appeal :).

Another great one from John Adams for all your science lovers. This edible science kit is for you.From making gummies grow to making chocolate slime, this kit looks so cool!.

It even has the famous skittle rainbow science kit that everyone loved when it came out earlier on is the year :).

If you have followed me for a while you will know my children are obsessed with tattoos, but they have proven to be so hard to find. 

The shimmer me body art cool maker is a roll on tattoo creator station and is JUST what we have been looking for. Hours of fun making the coolest tattoos all by yourself- such a cool find and a great present for Xmas.

We love our pamper evenings, popcorn and film and painting our nails. This huge go glam nail salon is the cutest little thing and a great starter set for any nail art lover. 

It comes with a few different coloured nail polishes and the stamps and is so easy to use.

Games are a must for Christmas Day and the Boxing Day mayhem :) . Christmas games from Cheatwell games is jam packed with some festive favourites games for all the family to join in too. 

With 8 games inside, there is definitely a game for everybody .

Pass the pud from Gibsons games is a new one for us this year but looks a great one for the children.

Beat the burp in this fast fun filled pud over Christmas dinner :) 

Who remembers Fuzzy felts?,they were such a classic in the 90s, and all my children have loved them. 

Choose from a few different themes including this space one, and with over 100 pieces, you'll have hours of creative play with your little ones. 

We always get the children a new pair of pyjamas and a Christmas outfit to wear on the day. Love Leggings have a child’s range which I didn’t even know about.

I always rave about how much I love their leggings .so affordable and super soft

I hope these have given you some more fun and cool ideas on what to get your kiddies this Christmas..


  1. It's always nice to get some gift inspiration. I know my kids would love pass the pud. That sounds like good fun.

  2. Some lovely gift ideas, some I have not seen before. I do love fuzzy felts and takes me right back to my own childhood all those years ago

  3. So many fab gift ideas here! Jack would definitely love those books and Olivia would love the Glitter Tattoos!

  4. some lovely gifts here for the kids. I am always on the look out for gift inspiration for my nephews

  5. Ooh fuzzy felt, I love that, I remember it so well from my childhood too. Love the look of those books as well.