Saturday 27 November 2021


 Vocabulary is needed to communicate effectively and can help your child to express themselves clearly to others. Whether it be presenting valid arguments or how they feel by enriching their speech and writing skills. We have teamed up with a nursery in Islington to share ways that you can help your child to develop their vocabulary.


Have Conversations with Your Child

There are 4 types of vocabulary. Vocabulary that is needed to listen, speak, read and write. To build your child’s vocabulary it’s important to speak to them and engage in conversation.  Even if your child isn’t at the stage where they are able to respond or understand, this can help them to build their listening vocabulary. 

By building familiarity with words that are used, your child will soon develop their speech. This vocabulary will then help them when learning to read and write. Start by describing the environment around them and usphysical objects to help them understand what words mean and build connections.


Broaden Your Child’s Vocabulary with Synonyms

Once your child has grasped their first words, expand their vocabulary by using synonyms. Use words like glad’ instead of happy or exciting instead of fun.


Reading Is the Fastest Way to Learn New Vocabulary

Getting your child to lead story time and read out loud can help them to discover new words and allow them to ask you about what they mean. 

The context that they are in can help them to understand more about when they are used and their spelling. To help your child incorporate these words into their spoken and written vocabulary, you can ask questions following story time to see if they remember their meanings.


Word of The Day

Tools such as word of the day can help your child to discover new words. Up to 365 a year in fact. To be effective, you can set your child on a task to use a word at least 3 times in their day to help them remember and create a word wall of all new words learned.



  1. This is really good advice. It's important to help boost your childs vocabulary early as it helps in the long run.

  2. I bet so many kids haven't developed their speech or vocab as much due to homeschooling as they're not around teachers and other kids all day long x

  3. Such a great post for mums and dads who are helping their children to brush up and develope on their vocabulary

  4. Reading is just a great activity to do with your child. Even reading labels in the supermarket can help

  5. This is a very informative post. My eldest was slow picking up speech but my youngest has grasped it from a young age, I think being in lockdown with two older brothers talking to him sped up his development.

  6. These are some great ways for helping your child to develop their vocabulary! We spend a lot of time working on different things especially reading!