Thursday 25 November 2021


 Compassion allows us to develop meaningful connections with those around us and helps us to lead healthier lives too as acts of kindness release endorphins. The brain’s natural painkiller and stress reliever. We have teamed up with an independent boys school in Hertfordshire to share advice on how to raise a compassionate child.


Being Aware of The Feelings of Others

Having an understanding of emotions can help your child to recognise when to be a supportive friend and how to help them. This can also help them to be considerate and mindful of how they interact with others when they are upset or annoyed. You can do this by creating flashcards to teach your child about the different emotions and how someone might feel when experiencing them. 


Volunteer Work

Volunteer work can show your child the difference that showing kindness can have on others and allow them to develop a passion for helping them. There are many enriching opportunities that you can find for your child to get involved in on websites such as At the same time, pursuing a voluntary opportunity can also give your child the chance to develop key transferable skills needed for work. 


Practising Gratitude and Generosity 

By getting your child to take time to reflect on the things that they are grateful for, you can encourage them to give back and share their generosity with others. You might choose to do this as a family before mealtime or get your child to do this independently through a mindfulness journal.


A Pet

Having a pet can teach your child how to be compassionate by giving them something to nurture and take care of. Pets give children responsibility, improve their confidence and loneliness by giving them a friend.


  1. It is really important for kids to be aware of others feelings. It makes them better people and friends to their peers.

  2. A pet is such a good idea as it can teach them so much about responsibility, caring for others etc x

  3. Compassion is such a great character to have, and something we can teach our children from a very early age

  4. I think it's really important to teach kids compassion. It's such a valuable emotion to be able to understand and practice.

  5. Compassion is such a good quality to have and it is so important for little ones to show care and concern for others.