Tuesday 23 November 2021


 We all know that as much as mum nags, children need to have a desire to learn to improve their engagement and performance at school. We have teamed up with a nursery school in Tavistock to share tips on how to motivate your child to learn.


Use Their Interests to Make Learning Fun

Studying doesn’t have to be dull and conventional. To get your child interested and engaged in their work, why not bring in examples of things that theyre interested in.

This might be incorporating cars into their homework when looking at acceleration in physics or creating a song to remember photosynthesis for biology


Show Your Excitement for Trying New Things

To get your child to be motivated and enthusiastic about their work you must do the same by showing a willingness to try new challenges. 

This can help your child to be more optimistic about their learning. Similarly, by avoiding difficult things and showing resistance, you can teach your child to do the same as behaviours are easily picked up.


Address Their Struggles

No one likes to do the things that they're not good at or find difficult. By sitting down with your child and having a frank conversation about how theyre finding school, you can find out where your child needs extra support and work on it together. 

This might be talking to their teacher to find methods of explaining these topics to them or arranging for tuition. Supporting your child in this way can help them to build their confidence and allow them to enjoy learning.


Find the Learning Style That Works for Them

The reason that your child might not be enjoying school could be that they aren’t being taught using the right methods for their learning style. 

There are 3 main learning styles which are visual, kinaesthetic and auditory. Visual learning involves the use of illustrations and diagrams whereas kinaesthetic focuses on hands-on learning and auditory uses speech. You can find out what your child’s learning style is by doing a quiz online.



  1. Us Mums are always known for nagging, but we only do it for our children and to motivate them, some great tips here

  2. These are great tips, I think making learning fun for young children is definitely key and I am always amazed at just how much kids can learn through fun structured activities!