Sunday 21 November 2021


Whether you love the Autumn time,the crisp, cold air, fallen leaves and enjoy the colder season, or you absolutely hate them, the winter months have definitely hit the UK and are officially here. With that comes the difficult task of what to wear.

When it comes to winter, I am no stranger to wrapping up super warm for the colder time. It can sometimes come as a surprise ,from midi dresses , tights and cardigans in September, then all of a sudden we are waking up to mountains of snow and are piling on the layers and wearing the thickest wellie socks with our boots :)

The darker earlier nights can be a little miserable for some of us ,so what better way to cheer yourself up , and your wardrobe , by investing in some new cosy jumpers from Femme Luxe for this time of year.Or even get some Christmas gift inspiration whilst reading this too!.

So what makes a good jumper for winter?. Well it should definitely be cosy, first and foremost. I am all about the comfort , especially with working from home. Second , it has to keep you super toasty for when the early evening temperatures drop.

Plus keeping an eye out for the latest trends and what makes us feel good too is something else to look out for. So I am bringing you my current three favourite jumpers that I am a little bit obsessed with at the minute and what will definitely get me through the festive season.

I am going to start off with a classic knitted jumper, they are an absolute staple when the weather starts to turn and they are the cosiest and comfiest jumpers around. 

I love the roll neck knitted style ,and I am such a fan of block, thick stripes, this white and baby pink one is so cute. Pair it with some thick black tights and chunky boots and it is such a cute outfit for Autumn/Winter time .

Another classic is a hoody. I must admit I live in these most of the week - wearing them to the gym, school drop offs, running errands, but they can be dressed up to.

Layering a hoody can completely transform a look. Adding a Jean jacket or black blazer on top of a hoody automatically smartens up the style .

Add a pair of black skinny jeans and your favourite pair of heels and you are ready for where ever the night or evening takes you.

I will be honest and admit that I always have my pumps in my bag for half way through the night ,i am rubbish in heels, although I love them , I can’t wear them for more than 5 minutes ,can anyone else relate! :)

Lastly is the oversized jumper. Now I am not normally one for a jumper that is super long, like thighs long. I am only 5ft4, so long jumpers tend to make me look frumpy , baggy jumpers I love ,long ,not so much, but this one ,I am in love with!.

Why you ask? ,it literally doubles up as a jumper dress, and looks SO good!. I am in love with the green, green is my favourite colour and this forest green is absolutely gorgeous.

It has a split of either side and looks amazing with thick tights and Chelsea boots. I was even tempted to sew up the sides and revamp it myself but I didn’t have to, it looks perfect as it is .

This one comes in a few colours actually so I might invest in a few more purely for jumper dresses. I normally go for black dresses for the darker months but I have definitely been experimenting more with adding colours into my wardrobe.

I think a belt would make this one look a little bit more date night style too. Black with a big gold buckle. So many styles from just one jumper - perfect and definitely a bargain.

I’d love to know if you have any pieces in your wardrobe that are a must  have for keeping you toasty and stylish this winter or a shopping trip is on the cards :)


  1. I am loving your choice of jumpers, I am so grateful for my winter woollies at the moment as feeling the cold

  2. Oo I love these, getting to pull out all my winter clothes is a hightlight of the colder weather lol! I love the chunky knits and oversized comfy looks and these are some great picks!

  3. I have to admit I do love a good jumper and that green jumper is such a gorgeous colour as well, definitely one I would wear.

  4. Some fabulous winter themed clothes from Femme Lux theree! I do love both the jumpers which are perfect for the cold weather

  5. These jumpers look so comfy and cosy! I love a good old thick jumper at this time of year!

  6. I have been wearing so many layers at work since the weather got colder. I love winter woolies!